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The following text are diary entries found on the top of the Supreme Court building.

Pic of the smiling kitten.


Yes! Fucking yes! I finally got a god damn Wii U! YESSSSSS! I can't wait to play all the exclusives, such as the up-coming Super Mario 3-D world, the downlabdle titles such as Cloud Berry Kingdom. Lemme hook it up.

Alright I'm on the first screen! Setting it up! Lots of fun here I come! Yeah, yeah secuirty bullshit. GET TO THE GODAMN TITLE SCREEN! 

Fina-fuckin'ly. I'm at the title screen. Now, lemme go get some games. Also, I'm going to Manhattan too, where alot of game-realted and accesroies for the Wii U can be find. (namely, Time Square's Toys R Us)


Hi diary! I just got this Wii U pro controller, a Wii U eshop 50 dollar code, (which I already used), and LOTS AND LOTS OF GAMES. One game I got from this trash can, with notes saying to destroy the game but I decided to assume it's just a glitch. (Police Note: Who ever wrote this must of been drunk when they wrote this.)

Anyway I played through many spot, Mario games. However, one of them is where... WEIRD shit started to happen. When I first got on the game, there was hyper-realistic skeletons everywhere. They kept popping out. There was blood, and gore. Then I saw a figure in the corner of my eye. It was..a kitten...smiling. It was idle..... I took a picture for you to see:

It lunged at me.. breaking everything I loved.. my Wii U.... my everything... my baby pictures my home.. it burned down my apartment..  Fuck it, I'll lunge in.. wish me luck.....

Ahh, finally on top of the building. Fuckers are running to me. Better write this quick. I didn't want to swallow a gun or shoot myself with a gun.. Jumping of a building is the best idea.

Goodbye, shitty world.

The diary entries then end there.

It is assumed the man, Jonthan D Troll committed suicide as he lost everything important to himself.

Written by Haramonia
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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