Harry Pooper and the Lost Levels

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

One day i was at a garage store, and i found an old man who said GET YOUR ULTRA RARE HARRY POTTER BOOK HERE FOR FREE! I could not resist it, so i took it and said thanks to the old man. I went back home to read the Harry Potter book, but it was strange. It said "Harry Pooper and the Lost Levels by Just Kidding Rowling". That was weird. So anyway, everything was hyper-realistic. When I mean HYPER-REALISTIC, I mean you can literally touch Harry. It was....3-D!!!! The book claims that it takes place in a timeline where the main characters are now adults. Harry said to Hermoine, "I am gay." Hermoine was shocked and sad, so she ate a bullet and Ron just laughed at her grave. Then Professor Snape went to her grave and said "Snooty bitch." I was hooked to what i was reading, so i continued on. Anyway, the book got weirder and stranger. For example one part Harry faced a monster with blood bleeding from it's eyes. Anyway, Harry then faced a new monster.. It's name was Dickbutt McHitlerson. he said "SOFT JUICY JEWS" and Harry cast Avada Kedavra on the monster. Ron said "Harry thats not right" and then Harry said "Go fuck yourself Ron" He then left the battle, with no fucks to give about the monster whats so ever. Anyway Harry got black eyes. He started to kill people. He said "I AM THE ULTIMATE LIFEFORM" and cast Wingardium Leviosa on Hermoine's grave. Suddenly Hermoine rised from the grave and said, "Harry, It's levi-oh-saah." Harry said "WHAT THE FUCK HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?" Hermoine said "I made a deal with the devil." Her eyes suddenly started to bleed orange juice! Hermoine said "Don't worry, it's just my eye period."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, a group of morons who were sucking black dick started getting it up the 10-day old pizza box. When they were done, they swooped down into... wait, is this part of the book, or what? Anyway, they swooped down into a huge asshole that was doing goatse while sucking 10 dicks. Then for no goddamn reason they ended up in harry potter land and then harry said "What in the holy mother of fuck is this?" Hermoine then said "Avada Kedavra!" And A SKELETON POPPED OUT and Harry killed it immediately. Well that was anti-climactic. But just because it is a climax, does not mean it is over. Ron said to Harry, "Did you say you are gay?" he then said "Yes." and a huge out of nowhere orgy hapened. Hermoine died in the orgy. Then his asshole started trembling and Harry started eating the shit from Hermoine's asshole, then everyone joined ans it became a SCAT fest. Later they fapped to 2 Girls 1 Cup and did the same thing in the video. After that was over, everyone died. Hahah. And guess what. POOPOO IN UR BUTTHOLE!



A collab between FillyBoSEKTOR, Givemepancakes, Haramonia, and SOMEGUY123.

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