Haunted Mario Strikers Charged

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It was on my birthday, my parents had just gotten home from shopping and we started to cook dinner. After we ate and then we went into the living room to wait. We waited for every one to get here. When every one finally got here we started the party.

First we ate cake then we opened my presents. I had 3 of them (I don't have the richest family). I opened the big one and it was a bow. I was so happy because I had wanted it so bad. Next I opened my medium sized one and it was a new computer. Then the last one was Mario Strikers Charged. I had always been a fan of Mario. As soon as everyone left I put the disk in and began to play.

As soon as I started to play I noticed something was wrong. First off I noticed when I had chosen my character, all of them had bloodshot eyes, but I put it off I just thought it was an error so I chose Mario vs Donkey Kong and the stage was the normal stage at the kingdom. I was on a roll and I went to do a super strike and got six of them. When the cut scene was showing I got 5 then on the last one.... something strange happened. When the goalie tried to catch it it went through his hands and decapitated him. His blood was shooting out like a fountain and it was actually very realistic. I had won the match soon after ( I kept playing because I needed to save) and the game gave me two options: leave or snap.

Curiously came to me and I clicked snap, and suddenly, Mario jumped over Donkey Kong and snapped his neck. I was scared so I quickly turned of my Wii and shot strait to my room and I haven't play the game since.

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