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Did you know that PATRIXXX had a creepy cousin? Not many people know this secret... due to there being no known connections between the two, other than they're both starfish. PACTRICKZZZ is quite the opposite of our loveable PATRIXXX. He's scary. He's strange. He's pure evil.

If you should ever meet PACTRICKZZZ.... never, I repeat, NEVER make the mistake that he is PATRIXXX. He will kill you in a way that your brain cannot comprehend. PACTRICKZZZ is known to wear purple shorts with green flowers, just to dissuade anyone from thinking he's his cousin. He's got a taller head, and eyes that never blink. He never takes his eyes off of you.

PACTRICKZZZ occasionally will try to challenge his cousin to a duel, but PATRIXXX always prevails, sending him back to the dark pit from whence he came. PATRIXXX, coincidentally, is the only one capable of defeating his cousin.

Beware of this dangerous individual.

Important notes

  1. Do not mistake him or his cousin for EVIL PATRIXXX. PACTRICKZZZ is the evil cousin of the original PATRIXXX. EVIL PATRIXXX is his own being.
  2. Never play the clarinet around him.
  3. If he comes up to you asking for a dollar, you better have one on you.

Written by Meaty
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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