He's Behind You

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It was a cold, winter night. I was fast asleep when I heard some running in my cabin. I got up to explore but found out there was no lamp, pillows and my night light. It had been replaced with... blood. When I saw the blood, I was terrified, I ran outside with no preparation. I heard some screaming sounds in my cabin and saw blood sputtered all over the window, I screamed "Get me out of this hell hole!" That's when I heard a slow pacing footsteps in the woods, I looked at them to see a tall man, almost naked, he'd seen me looking at him and then, he began running at me. I ran away to the field in the horizon, He'd never followed me at all! I slowly walked towards the factory in the distance, unknown of anything in this field.

Chapter II

I'd been destroyed if I kept walking backwards into the woods, some of the factory owners agreed to help me. I cant believe that. That's when I went blind, they'd seen me. I woke up dead.


I had died years before, I never knew! This was all a night mare in a year death, I never knew that. Why would they murder me?

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