He's Like That Kid

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This song is off of Eyesglowyellow's failed album Songs to Troll To which didn't make any money and wasn't popular except in made up countries.   The song tells of the narrators own personal delusions of superiority and her desire to get rid of Nathan.

The song was recieved poorly and was only played once,  that was as a torture technique on terrorists.

"I woke up late last mornin,
Wonderin who the hell was snorin,

Went in-to-the-room, yeah!
Found all this shit that's borin

And then, I found, some 5-year-old drawings,
So then, I laughed, my ass off and was bawling

Because it was, Nathan! Nathan!
He's only 38 with a trollface full of hate!
Because he's, Nathan! Nathan! What a fuckin retard.

He's like that kid you wanna push down the stairs,
And he writes shit that no one cares

Threatens to shut down everything in his site,
Stays up past his bedtime every fucking night
Lives inside his basement, doesn't make no damn payment
Has no job and he's such a fucking slob
You'd really think by now, that he knew he's
the fucking biggest lolcow

Who doesn't mind having imaginary friends
Because his real ones lie inside his mind
Telling him what to do, when to do, every fucking time

He's like the red-headed stepchild you've always wanted
Except that he's been taunted
But it turned out all it was a big fat retard
Without a brain and his ass fucking chock full of his lard

It's Nathan! Nathan! Let's send him to another planet,
Because most of us have had it!
He doesn't afraid of anything,
Has little white knights to do all of his fighting,
Rules in his fucking imaginary world full of boring

Major TL;DR, he won't get so far, but Metokur will and the Metoturds will and so will all of the fucking trolls out there

Uh oh, here comes Daddywood!"

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