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Yes, this bio is not a troll. Even worse, my brother is dating the girl who wrote this

Name Heart Breaker (Madison Connors, Lydia Smith. Reason below under Bio)

Age 24

Gender Female


Sexuality Straight

Weapon Knife

Personality Heart is distrustful, cold, and hateful towards new people, but IF you get close to her, she can become the sweetest person. Unless you take her prey. She's short tempered and stubborn with getting the things she wants. During the days she will hunt, Heart becomes emotionless and unreasonable. Heart is brave, but scared to take bold moves. She would die to protect the ones she loves.

Bio  When Madison (Heart) was little, her adoptive parents got into a fight while her adoptive dad was drunk. He beat her mother to death in front of her and tried to kill Madison, but she had taken out a kitchen knife and stabbed her father to death again and again and againand again, again, Again, AgAIn, aGaIn, AGAIN, AGAINASIFNSPD  So Madison was put into a mental hospital where she rotted for a couple years. She managed to kill her doctor by breaking his heart the same way hers was as a little girl by her dad. Madison escaped the hospital and ran away, changing her name to Lydia and starting her life anew. Somewhere along the way, Lydia found the 'love of her life' named Daniel. She thought so highly of him. But one day he got drunk and stupid. He repeatedly beat Lydia and left her alone for Lydia's best friend, Charity. Lydia got pregnant and depressed. She eventually confronted Daniel, but when he figured out she was pregnant, he took out a pocket knife and stabbed one of her eyes, blinding her in that eye. She was stabbed in the chest, going unconscious and about to die of blood loss in the dumpster Daniel had thrown her body in. Someone found her and rushed her to the hospital where they were trying to save her and the unborn child inside of her. Unfortunately, only Lydia made it out alive. The child was killed inside of her and it was all Daniel's fault. Lydia killed the doctors and nurses caring for her in the hospital, breaking their hearts and ripping their organs out of their bodies to hang their necks with on a nearby tree. She was on the hunt. Lydia went to Charity's house first, killing her 'best friend' and hanging her outside of Daniel's house. She killed Daniel the same way and hung him next to Charity saying, "Now you can be together forever..." Lydia changed her name again. The news had nicknamed her 'The Heart Breaker' from how she killed her victims. She changed her name to Heart, wandering this earth alone and killing her victims. 


Hair White

Eyes Silver/White

Height 5'6

Weight 101 Ibls

Race White


Skill(s) Gymnastics, using a knife, playing with her victims

D.O.B August 4, 1998

Catchphrase "I'm only gonna Break you Heart..." 

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