Herobrine Nazi conspiracy

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Note: This is a story that some dumbass kid on Xbox believed when I told him this, enjoy complete bullshit.

Ok you might think this is weird but herobrine isn't who you think he is. Herobrine actually has ties to the nazi's. We all know hitler was power hungry and evil, but when he was losing the war he didn't kill himself like many say he did. What really happened is using a advanced supercomputer he downloaded himself and his memory's on there.

Years later a Swedish individual you know as notch bought this computer off of eBay, during hitlers isolation he was making a game, a game called minecraft.

Notch booted up the computer and played this game. It was amazing, he shared it online and eventually sold it.

Hitler was hidden in the files however.

Hitler had a copy for every game sold, and eventually he was found and given the name Herobrine. Hitler is still here, and he is planning, so beware.

The kid then went on to search his Minecraft Xbox world for 5 hours in search of herobrine, despite the constant plot holes and bullshit a 5 year old could figure out. And he still is asking me for my help to find him, so I joined his world and used the herobrine skin to freak him out.

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