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Y'all knew about that little cute show called Hey Duggee, it is about 6 anthroponotic animals called Tag, Happy, Norrie, Roly, Betty and Duggee, who go on adventures at a clubhouse known as The Squirrels Club, however, there is a unaired episode that was that gory than a TV-14 or TV-MA show.

On a unknown date of 2020 (I might call the first day of April in 2020), when The Stay At Home Badge was uploaded to Youtube, when I was watching CBeebies, and Hey Duggee was on, and I was that excited to see this one, it started with the intro, every character was now an adult and Duggee was missing, with a pool of blood on Duggee's spot where he used to be in while it is not moving, and Tag's eyes were bleeding as he looked like that he was beaten up multiple times, anyways, the title card showed up after that strange intro.

The name of the episode was "The Meat Badge", as I knew, the word "Meat" means food or... type of flesh? And not to mention that the sky was blood red in the intro.

And the episode started with the characters, at the clubhouse, and Duggee woofed, and it panned to reveal a big meat grinder, with a metal table next to it, and Duggee pointed his finger to the badge on his shirt.

The badge looked like a dog resembling Duglee being shredded by a meat grinder, with blood on the background, which the wall's color was light red.

And the narrator said "Duggee, what are you gonna do with the meat grinder?", and Duggee woofed again.

After that, Duggee grabbed Betty first, and started to grind her head, while Betty screamed, it wasn’t a cartoony scream, it was however a realistic scream, and the blood is seen coming out of meat grinder. Until he stopped after 1 minute of Betty's head being shredded, and threw Betty's lifeless body away, and later tied all of the Squirrels except Betty in the metal table.

Then, a montage of Duggee killing the Squirrels, such as Happy's limbs and face being shredded, Tag being stripped naked and getting his legs and stomach shredded, Norrie's ears being shredded, and Roly's body being shredded, blood flied everywhere, including Duggee, and Duggee woofed once again, in which the montage made me puke.

And it cut to Happy, who's trying to stand without limbs, and Norrie tried to hear what Duggee's saying, Tag was trying to stand on his arms, and finally, Roly was rolling to witness the loss of his body, and Duggee woofed one more time before leaving, and all of the Squrriels died, except for Tag, who was the only survivor. I felt worried for Tag, who was my favorite character despite only wearing shoes and pants and having blue skin rather than grey.

After that, it cut to the Squirrels hanging on hooks; now as meat, excluding Tag.

Then, the episode ended with Tag leaving the clubhouse to get home with his mom, when his mom picked him up to go home, Tag fell and died, his mom cried because of the loss of her son and it wasn't any normal cartoon-ish cry, it was rather realistic crying like her voice actor lost an family member, and the episode finally ended...

The credits showed up, but the music was now a distorted version of the theme song, I tried to text CBeebies about that lost episode.

One week later, I got a e-mail from CBeebies, and it said that the episode was made by a serial murder called Patrick Hughes, who killed people (especialy whenever they are playing pianos), and he made this episode back in 2018 to try to get his psychoism out, and one day in 2019, he added the episode to the channel and he was later in court.

Anyways, if you had even seen this episode, let me know about this one.

Credited to 24HouredThyme

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