Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Lost Episode: Ami's Suicide

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Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi was a show about fictional adventures of Japanese pop stars that aired on Cartoon Network.

I was a intern at Cartoon Network Studios. I was going to the break room to drink some coffee until I saw the famous pop star Yumi Yoshimura depressed with the director Sam Register so I walked up to her and asked her what's wrong. She said in Japanese "Watashi wa kantoku to okotte imasu", then she went to the film room.

A couple days later I ran into the director Sam Register; he dropped the copy of the episode that he was holding. I ran into the editing room to put the DVD copy in the player. The DVD started with Ami and Yumi sitting down looking at the camera sad they said "Tasuketekudasai" then the theme song started like normal but at the end of the opening it showed Ami and Yumi dead with their necks hanging on the nooses. After it ended the title card popped up, reading "Ami's Suicide". The title card faded away and went to a black screen for a few minutes.

The episode started where Ami and Yumi were ending their performance on stage in a club. The crowd started booing at Ami for her bad performance, while she ran off crying. Ami and Yumi went backstage before leaving the club. Kaz walked up to Ami and asked her "What's wrong Ami?" Yumi felt bad for Ami's bad performance on stage, Ami said in a sad voice I don't have any talent why am I bad at concerts. So they went back to the tour bus then they went inside the tour bus and went to bed.

Around nighttime, Ami had a nightmare where she was doing nothing but walking on a eerie and dark sidewalk with eerie music and the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi theme song was pitched down to -46. She looked very creepy, as blood was dripping from her static eyes with Yumi Kaz and Julie carved on her body, but murder was the only thing she did.

  • She bashed Yumi's Guitar on her head, as Kaz tried to stop her.
  • She stabbed 2 people's eyes with her drumstick (the second screamed in reverse).
  • She knocked a poor cat with a hammer, flattening it like a pancake, making two hobos happy.

Suddenly, things got even creepier, as the screen became distorted, and Ami started drinking Japanese alcohol. She became dizzy and drunk, while waddling back and forth with every hiccup detaching her head. A flashback appeared with a music box playing in the background where Ami at age 8 got bullied, and Yumi at age 7 protected her from them.

Ami suddenly woke up and her bedroom was filled up with her tears. She opened the window, letting the tears out. Ami was lying on the floor holding a gun in her hand next to her drums and she was crying loudly so Yumi got out of bed to see what Ami was doing.

Yumi was walking out of her bedroom as she knocked on Ami's door and said "Ami, are you okay in there?". Ami loaded the gun and put it in her mouth as she said "Yes! I'm alright, Yumi!". Yumi opened the door to check on Ami as she stepped on a squeaky toy, and then Ami shot herself. The screen went black for an hour, then it said "Couple Days Later...".

The funeral was being held for the death of Ami. Yumi came to the casket and she cried "Ami, why did you kill yourself, why?" Kaz tried to calm Yumi down, then the episode ended. Then I ejected the DVD and gave it back to the director and told him that we can't put this on the air so I went into the film room to check on Yumi. When I got to the film room I heard a gun go off so I ran into the room and I saw Yumi dead with blood splatter on the wall. This is why Yumi was depressed because of watching that episode.

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