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this is a news report in new york times. it really happend

you have to belive us

section one

so one day i was just walking through the city with kyle when i saw a free steam wallet card on the floor

kyle said "yo mang wats steam?"

i said "youve got to be kidding me! when will you grow up and stop playing kid games like sonic and pong and starfox."

we both laughed it off then i hit him in the jaw and picked up the 20 dollar card

i went home later and purchases hl2 and it said updating. it updated a very long time so i went to bed. my dream was a one where gordon was running from a big gman. gman had a long tounge and picked freeman up and ate him then there as a large explosion in the background. i woke up with my bed wet (from persparation,i wasnt scared of that dream one bit) the next day i got a call on my phone, it was from kyle. he said not to play the game

"screw you kyle. you are trying to scare me again" i said. he hung up....

i opend steam and the game was finished loading. i turned the video game on and the startup valve head logo looked alot creepier the background was a sickening puke yellow and the head fully turned around. it had no eyes and a mouth with a gaping jaw i could practically see his cracked skull. i said "huh must be a part of the steampipe update. boy i was wrong when it got to the main menu it said spook life 2.

by that time i was really scared i started the game. and insteam of trainstation it started me in our benafactors i beat the first part and it took me to this level with a dark room with zombies. i died. then it stared up again and it put me in the trainstation part again gman was a skeleton and when he said ashes all npcs had blood red eyes. i was very curious to see if there were any mods in the game there werent but there was a map (link at bottom)

i got up to canals and then i saw the big gman in the skybox. his large mouth opend and a skeleton jumped out and killed me. the game stopped responding and i had to reinstall it.

i wont play hl2 again and i dont think anyone should have to go through this anymore... download the zombie map i died at at the section below :3

the download


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