Homicidal Suicide

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Hi. my name is Samuel but my friends call me Sam. i live in Oklahoma near a forest in which i love to play in. not many people have heard of this pasta because she is pretty new but i want as many people as possible to know about her.

i was walking in the forest with my dog named jack. me and jack were walking in the forest when all of the sudden he stopped. now normally i would be fine with him stopping because he would be sniffing something or peeing but this time was different. when jack stopped this time i knew something was wrong. it may have been the way he froze or the way he jumped when i stepped on a branch. all i know is that he was scared.

i turned to take us back home when jack started barking at something. it was a little girl about 11. she had; long blond hair with red at the tips and blue eyes with little freckles on her cheeks. she was wearing a black hoodie with gray jeans and black boots. she was peeking at us from behind a tree. the thing that didn't like about her was her eyes. she may look innocent but if you looked close enough you could see the insanity in her eyes. she got out from behind the tree and attempted to pet jack.

now i know some of you are saying "oh shes just a little girl" or "she isn't going to do anything bad" but your wrong. what she did next is something i will never forget.

she got out a knife and cut open his abdomen. she grabbed his kidneys and bagged them. next she cut open the lower left half of his chest behind his elbow where his heart was and ate it. "you just ate his heart" i said terrified. she just smiled at me and giggled like one of those creepy girls from a horror movie then started running at me. the last thing i remember is being stabbed in the chest before waking up at my house. i looked out my window around the trees and saw her waving at me before a guy in a blue mask dragged her away. i looked around my room and found a note on my dresser.

it said,

"hey Sam im sorry for killing your dog and eating his heart. im also sorry for stabbing you. you might be wondering how you are alive right now. lets just say we have an awesome doctor and nurse and cannibal that patched you up and the operator wants you alive. if one of your kidneys is missing then i apologize for that as well. - homicidal suicide"

if she jumps at you move out of the way because she will take your heart. she will also take your kidneys but the kidneys are for her "brother" eyeless jack. if you do see her call the police immediately because she will not hesitate to kill you and your family.

this is Sam signing off.

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