Horrortime's tale

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Author's note: This is a alternate version of Horrortime from unanything wiki which is meant to be a more serious tone.

Chapter 1: WW2

Joseph van tubby or as he was later known as horrortime's fall into a depression was a horrible experience. He was born during the Nazi reign as a weapon as his relation to the friendly nature of American CAPTAILISTIC TV PROPAGANDA as he was taught during the war.

He served under Hitler for years, seeing horrors that would permanently be impeded into his brain. After Hitler commited suicide at the end of the war, he was sent to a mental institute.

He spent days in therapy, he talked about the experiments such as himself being destroyed and crushed and prisoners being slain and hunted by the Nazi generals. He spoke of how they would be punished by a tall figure named Theodore Richard.

He would later be released from the asylum in 1988. He would continue his life as normal. He was deeply depressed due to the PTSD, he gained from the war and feel to booze and cigars to keep himself happy.

Chapter 2:Robbery

He at some point made friends with a fellow experiment known as Vincent who was a robber. He would soon rob a house in a attempt to make some money as otherwise he would be evicted from his home.

They entered the house with balaclava and a gun full of blanks which would be only used to scare the home into giving them the cash in attempt to do this peacefully.

"YOU GO FIRST HORRORTIME B*TCH" Vincent said as he was the one who coined the term Horrortime Tubby for Joseph Von Tubby."Fine" Horrortime walked towards the kitchen door. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

The duo turned around to see a woman who had come to investigate the noise. Vincent aimed and fired the blank. Horrortime noticed them trying to get the phone so in a panic, he pulled out a kitchen knife and hit them in the gut with it.

Vincent said "GOOD JOB, NOW TAKE THIS MOLOTOV'S TO BURN TO THIS HELL DOWN". Horrortime whimpered "I don't know if I can". Vincent yelled "YOU FOUGHT IN WORLD WAR 2"

Horrortime threw the molotov and left out of the room of Vincent as the house burnt down. "Are we sure there weren't anybody left in the house?" Horrortime said just realizing before trying to go back.

Vincent grabs Horrortime, "YOU AIN'T GOING BACK".The robber duo returned to there homes with horrortime thinking "Well that escalated quickly"

Written by Lord swagger the 10th
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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