How did Medic lose his Medical License?

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It is a normal day at Garry's Mod Hospital. But not that normal, because the Medic kept watching MLP at his computer than helpings his patients. He was like "LOLOLOL VAT?! ZAT IS VERY FUNNY". One day, a patient went to the Hospital because he had a heart attack (WOOHOO TEH GUY IS STOOPID, nah I'm kidding) and he is losing his patience at the waiting room. "WHERE ARE YOU?! IM HAVING A VERY BAD TIME OVER HERE!". The Medic answered "VAT?! Very vell! Prepare for your examination! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". He bring the patient to the Operating Room and chained him. "DOC?! ARE YOU CRAZY?!", the patient ask. The Medic said, "HAHA I HAVE NO IDEA!!11". Then, he use his bone saw and cutter his flesh out.

The Aftermath...

"Vhen the patient voke up, his skeleton is missing, and ze doctor vas never heard from again!!"

The End.

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