How to avoid getten butthurt frumz ya first Creppehpickle gettin deleted

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So, ya ferst creppehpickle got deleted, huh? Well, I gotta tell ya, DAT WAS BAD AS CRAP. So, I hope you're going to rant the admins about your creepehpickle getting deleted, since almost all admins rollback/delete your page if it was super sucky and you might think the wiki removed site knowledge. Clearly, it doesn't. If you want to avoid getting butthurt from your first creppehpickle, I will show you.

Before we get started...

First off, why are you intrested in Creepehpickles? Yo think it's scary? Think again, read some other legends/stories like Jeff, that kid with a white hoody that kills you in your sleep. That's more scary! Get ideas from those pickles (But not copy them) to make a better pasta then that piece of shit.

Now, where were we?

  1. Don't rant to a admin who deleted your pickle.
  2. Respect their opinion and try practicing your writing skills before making another pasta that's better then that piece of shit.
  3. Go to school, and do Engish Class.
  4. Do not leave your pickle abandoned or unfinished. It's considered a stub if you don't finish it. If you finish it on Notepad/Microsoft Word, fix the grammar and spelling mistakes, you will get: 100% Well Written!
  5. Don't do spin-offs or write cliches. Spin-offs and cliches are the number 1 thing to get your pickle removed and get yourself butthurt! Try making up your own thing, don't make an unofficial sequel/alternate endings to pickles, for example, Sonic.exe, suicidemouse.avi, Jeff, Ben, Smile Dog, Slender, Rainbow Factory, Cupcakes, etc. And don't take overrated cliches and put them in your pasta, for example, "I was an intern at...", "AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT...", "I USED TO BE A SKEPTIC, SO EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IN REALITY IS...", "THE TIME WAS 13:666...", etc. You can make a sequel/alternate ending to your pickle if it's YOURS, YOURS, and YOURS ONLY.
  6. Don't be a turd and make a Facebook club like "DOWN W/CREPPEHPICKLE" or something. Some of those people/kids have made those because they're freakin' upset that their little "Pokemon Orange" creepehpickle got legitimately removed by a intelligent admin who was following the rules. (Guess the reference! Guess! GUESS!) Seriously. It's retarded.
  7. If you're pickle is on teh Trollpickle wiki, in teh categories "English Class Failure," "Legendary Butthurt," "SUPER ULTRA MEGA BUTTHURT," or "Deletion Log Refugees," that means your horrible pasta was moved here because of butthurt from you. Don't EVER, and I mean EVER. GET BUTTHURT. 
  8. No offsite/onsite-drama or sockpuppet-ing. That will get you immediately banned/blocked from the Creepehpickle Network itself (Spinpickle Wiki, Creepehpickle wiki, and Trollpickle wiki).
  9. Don't say that you want to kill yourself because your pasta got deleted! Seriously, don't be that sad! Make another one, and think about an idea no one hasn't thought up of! Come on, don't be THAT dramatic.

And most importantly, *cough* DON'T *cough* have fun!

Written by PiaNO!
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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