How to make grilled toilet sliders

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You will need:

  • a frying pan
  • a tortilla
  • shrimp
  • tomatoes
  • vodka from a Russian toilet
  • goat cheese
  • a gorilla
  • salt
  • red pepper


1.take the vodka and mix it with the shrimp

2.Season half the frying pan and eat raw

3.season the salt with a tortilla and add the frying pan and cook for 69 minutes on 9000 degrees celsius

4.Put the cut up tomatoes into a blender and blend

5.smash the tomatoes over the gorilla and cut it into meatly slices

6.pour the vodka over the goat cheese then put the cheese on the gorilla slices on a grill for 45 minutes

7.Splash the remaining vodka genereously across the countertop and set it alight.

8.grill the red pepper at a temperature of 5000 degrees Celsius (9032 degrees farenhiet if you live in The Jewnited Masterbates of Assmericunt 'Murica) for a good 5 hours, then carefully sandwich the pepper between the cheese and vodka covered gorrila slices.

9.Smear the tortilla flavoured salt over the grilled gollia slices

10.yell at IGN for giving your dish a bad review

11.Then, get yelled at by Gordon Ramsay for your outstanding incompitance in preparing something as simple as a toilet-dipped, tortilla-flavored salted gorilla.

12.Hit everyone you see with the frying pan.

13.Then, after killing everyone with the frying pan, sprinkle salt into their mouths.

14.Then stick the left-over red pepper in their dicks.


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