Howl's Moving Torture Dungeon

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Has anyone heard about the Ghibli film: Howl's Fermented Tumor? Well, if you haven't heard about it yet, it's basically the story about a cunt named Sophie, who, after being turned into an old bitch by a witch, finds a rolling manure owned by a dickhead named Howl, and soon, they get caught into WWII. I like this movie so much, but then something horrible happened that made me swore off this film for my entire life! Wanna know what happened?

It all began when i visited the Slaughterhouse Ghibli in ruins of Tokyo, Japan. I went in there, and there was some shitty works of art. There were concept art for movies like: My Neighbour Torture Doll, Cannibal Princess, and many more, but when i went to the other unit, my arm was grabbed by a walker. It shoved me into a chair and told me to watch something. That something turned out to be an original version of one of the scenes from Howl's Fermented Tumor. It told me to watch through and said if i finished watching it, then i'll let me go. It turned on a TV and told me to watch it's Abomination.

The Abomination

The walker's spawn was a scene taken from the movie. The scene was when Howl gets angry at Sophie because, apparently she had mixed up his shampoop, causing his hair dye'd orange. Instead of the normal scene, it turned out that it was actually more disturbing than i ever imagined! The TV opened up with a fade in.

The scene opened normally with howl running out of the bathroom, steam coming out and his hair was orange. He then ran downstairs and starts yelling at sophie. The strange part was that, howl started yelling in a very angry tone, like his japs voice actor was caught in an argument. I was even more horrified to hear howl continously swearing at sophie, like a sailor who had stubbed his toe. Howl went over to the table and started smashing the table as if he were the hulk. The camera then cuts to show howl's face. It was red, he was grinding his teeth, and his eyes were completely bloodshot.

He started throwing things at soephie, but seophie managed to dodge all of the things howl has thrown at her. "I WILL MAKE UR PEPE TINY!!!!!!!!!" Howl screamed. Howl than roared, causing all the windows and everything in the castle to break, and shatter. The weird part was that, it was the same Tyrannosaurus Rex roar used in the Jurassic Park movies. Sophie, Markl and Pacifier were all scared. Howl had became an angry and deranged psycho, all because of his hair being dyed orange. Then, howl charged at sophie and markl, who are backing away. The camera cuts to the outside of the castle, where screams of pain and the sound of flesh being ripped and torn apart were heard. Outside, turnip the creep was looking at the castle as it moves.

The camera then cuts back to the interior of the shithoele, everything's covered in blood. On the floor, were the bodies of sophie and markl. Howl was drenched in blood, his haira had a redissh tint to it. Howl was breathing heavily, as the camera begins to zoom in to howl's face. Howl began to smile sadisticly, as the screen faded to black and ended.


After the TV scareen cut to black, the walker asked me if i liked it or not. Without saying a word, i stood up stab it's head and went out of the museum. I was left horrified and speechless, as i walked into my camp. I don't know what to say after that. Why would that thing make a disturbing version of what seems to be a normal scene where howl throws an angry fit over his hair being orange, and change it to show howl literally kialing sophie and markl off-scween. I decided to go to bed after that.

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