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I like watching howtobasic because his videos are so funny! So i got internship for howtobasicstudios. But one day i saw a lost video in the videos section called if you watch rhis then you die in seven days and yes i like ripping off things.htb. It had a weird thumbnaul but i like eating thumbnails!

The video started with the guy being attacked by an army of eggs! they smashed him in the face with eggs! It looked so not realistic! The eggs flushed his head in the toliet and layed eggs! Then he turned into a chicken and peaked the eggs eyes out.

Then he said I like being a chicken i lay eggs in your bum! I was so scared by the statement. I shiedt bricks and blocks and whatever noone gives a fuck about it. Then the chicken man drove to angry grandpa's house and took a egg crap in his face!

I vomited my intestines out when seeing this disgusting crap! Then angry grandpa said shithead get out of my fucking house or evil patrixx will come inside! The man chicken left and took a drive back home! He suddenly turned back into a human and all was ok! 

Then a tect in comic sans poped up saying no more howtobasic or more! I was knocked out by this statement. I woke up and I typed this story!

Also, Howtobasic is going to throw eggs at me for the rest of my life because I told this story! I am also s ghost actor from the the oldest movie ever Roundhay Garden Scene! I dont know how this is possiblle!

THen i died again!

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