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I browsed my computer, looking for shit to do and such. Looking through some of my old picture, I noticed a peculiar sight. A folder with a blank name. My curiosity was aroused, so I clicked on the folder to see what was in there. There was nothing but one picture, "IMG_421". I hesitantly clicked on it, not knowing what to expect. The picture opened, I thought my eyes were deceiving me. A hyper realistic Mike Wazowski was being dismembered by Sulley. A black background behind them as hyper realistic bl0d shot out of Mike's eye socket. Sulley looked mangled, stretched, it disgusted me. His bones looked as if they were crushed. Mike's leg, mutilated in mid air, send chills down my spine. I attempted to close out the picture, traumatized, but fucking Windows Photo Viewer refused my command. I minimized the photo, trying to forget what I just saw. I closed out every program and prepared to shut down my computer, until I saw the gruesome sight of Sulley's penis being severed by a hyper realistic axe. Blood poured all across the bottom of my screen. I grabbed my katana and unplugged my computer. I threw it out of my window, then I jumped out of it, drop kicking the computer and then breaking my ankles. Upon my landing, I chopped the computer into 7 pieces, and then burned it. I suffered from 3rd degree burns on my pee pee, and the doctors had to sever it with a battle axe, just like Sulley. After this experience, I don't think I want to remember this moment. I'm gonna overdose on Flintstones Vitamins tonight. Tell my mom, "fuk u".

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