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So I was roaming totallyreallostepisodes.tit and I found an iCarly lost episode called iTits. So I installed it onto my hardware. After the 6.66 milisecond download, I opened iTits in totallyreallostepisodes.tit's Lost Episode Viewer and it started out with Carly, Freddie, Sam, Spencer, Gibby, Guppy, Lewbert, Mrs. Benson, Nevel, Chuck and Chip standing on a cloud and the cloud said, "Show us your tits, ladies," and Carly, Sam, Gibby, Lewbert and Mrs. Benson took off their shirts and threw them on Freddie's head. Then Spencer, Guppy, Nevel, Chuck and Chip saw the most horrifying thing ever: five pairs of swollen tits! And then a skeleton popped out of the sky and everyone died and then for 66.6 seconds it showed Carly's swollen tits swelling even more and it was horrifying and then a Minecraft skeleton popped out of my computer and I died.

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