I Took A Poopoo on The Moon

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Hello my name is Jake and I'm going to tell you something that happend too me, no this isn't going too be that "One day I went to a garage sale and bought a haunted game" horseshit. You see I live in New York and I always stare at the moon, it's bright white and the shape of a sphere It puts me too sleep all the time, But one day I noticed on the TV that an astronaut was going to the moon. I was really excited! I went straight too NASA and asked them If I can go with Ron Maro. I did and I hopped like a 5 year old too the spaceship. Then other shit happened like Ron passing "ASS"troids". I then saw the moon, man it looks 10 times more beautiful then in Earth. Then without Ron looking, I pulled down my pants and stretched my asscheeks wide and took A BIG STEAMING PILE OF SHIT that turned the once white Moon into a steaming pile of shit. Then Ron looked at me and said "What the fuck was that for!?" before slipping in my shit. I then took a big fart on the moon and somehow waking the Moonapolis people but then since I took an even more pile of shit Moonapolis turned too Poopnapolis. I then used the spaceship and headed home. That night I looked at the shit absorbed moon, blood... I mean shit dripping down its beauty and when I looked at 1989 Moon Landings, Drinking Pumpkin Eggnog I said too myself

I took a poopoo on the Moon!

The End.

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You might be asking "Wat da fuck did i just reed!?!??!/" well to answer all your questions, It's FUCK LOGIC!

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