I just started renting a house and the landlord gave me a strange set of rules

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I'm super cool and an astronaut. My life is perfect.

Anyway I just started renting a house because my old one had something happen to it. I can't remember because also I have amnesia.

When I got in my new house, I found a strange set of rules on the counter.

1: dont smoke inside

2: plumber is coming tuesday, sink faucet leaking

3: dont be outrageously noisy

First off, what the fuck? No smoking inside? That's crazy and unbelievable. Secondly, who's the plumber? Suddenly I had a crazy warped mind vision and thought the plumber was a demon.

The very next day I suddenly accidentally broke two rules. I smoked a lot of DMT and suddenly I heard someone banging on the door. "oh fucking fuuuuuu!!" i screamed, someone was here to kill me. Suddenly I remember it was the plumber and he was a demon. I passed out and woke up 4 hours later in a jail cell. The cops told me that I had shot the plumber 14 times in a drug-induced state of delirium. But I know what I saw. The plumber was a demon and I had to kill him for the glory of God.

The policeman questioning me asked me why I was in someones house.

"But sir thats impossible my landlord Ms. Tery rented it to me earlier..."

"Theres no one in the world called Ms. Tery sir."

Then I screamed.

Credited to AriZonaGreenTeaWith 

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