If video game pastas had logic

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So I went on eBay to look for a cheap copy of Pokémon Red, I found one for a dollar, I bought it and got it 3 days later, I put it in my Gameboy and started playing.

But it was weird, instead of Pokémon, the creatures were referred to as slaves, and instead of fainting, they "died".

The Pokémon had gory bodies with decapitated limbs, missing eyes, blood all over their bodies and big creepy smiles.

They looked so hyper realistic, the Gameboy couldn't render such things, but I forgot to wear my glasses, so I put them on and the graphics were Gameboy standard.

This wasn't a glitch, this was just a mod, so I sold it at a flee market and just got the rom and an emulator.

And then I didn't die because of a super crazy psychopathic demon living inside a 300 kilobyte cartridge, I didn't go insane or any of that, in fact, there were no crazy text boxes, there were no monsters stalking me, no horrible nightmares, no suicide, life worked out pretty well, I graduated school, went to uni, became a doctor, got married and now I have 2 children.

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