Invader Zim: Gir's Rage

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Once I was at yard sale. I was wondering if I could find an Invader Zim DVD, because I've heard that some have unfinished episodes. At the time I didn't know why, but they have me it for free. They looked happy to get rid of it, but I figured the liked the show while they were young, and happy that they someone else that was young liked it as well

Strap yourself in for one of the scariest and saddest lost episode you may ever hear.

The theme played, but there was no music. I didn't really think much of it considering the fact that it had not aired. The first thing was Gir eating a taco. Zim came in the screen, saying "Gir don't bring that FILTHY earth good into the base" them took it away from him. Instead of just being disappointed or just brushing it of like normal, his eyes turned red and the ran out of the house without his disguise on. He went in the Membrane's house and Dib seemed to ignore him, but then it cut to him being terrified. The screen turned black. Gir was then standing there, stuffing Dibs organs into a taco shell

Seeing this I freaked out and broke into sweats. I tried to stay calm but it was useless.

Next he was in professor Membrane's lab, and he was knocking things over, causing a fire. Professor Membrane yelled "A fire on no!" Gir slammed him into the wall, causing him to pass out. He pulled out his liver, and put it into the taco shell

He went upstairs and I knew that Gaz was next . She was in her room when Gir came in. She wasn't very happy to see him, but seem surprised to see him in the house at the same time. He attacked her, and she dogged as much as she could, but when she was going out of the room, she tripped, and it cut to Gir stuff in her chopped up heart into the taco.

He was back in the base, and then he starts chasing Zim with a harpoon in his hand. Zim runs out with his disguise on but Gir got him and took his squeedly spooch (I dunno anymore) and put it in the taco.

He was eating the taco and then he laughed a horrible, demonic laugh, revealing the chewed up organs in his mouth.

That was the end. I say all night wondering, why they even started to make this episode

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