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Irregular Show is a show about two guys named Mordecai and Rigby. Every episode is the most normal, regular, average thing ever. This is a story about a traumatic experience I had with this show. You may have never heard of this show befor because it was so bad it went away forever.

How I found it

Not too long after Regular Show first aired. I found out about a show called Irregular Show. It was like this super rare ultimate undiscovered thing that was hidden from everyone forever and I just so happened to have managed to have found this on my computer. I was in my house playing video games on my Xbox 360 with my friend who I am not going to give out the name of so a murder doesn't hunt him down and kill him just by going off of the information of his first name because that is totally possible and likely. Anyway, I was on my Xbox 360 bla bla bla, and then. On my laptop, I saw something. Someone sent a message to my email. It said Irregular Show season 1. Then I opened it up and there were a bunch of episodes. Me and my friend watched them and this is what we saw.

This is how episode 1 went. It started and the screen was white and it just said Irregular Show in normal black text. There was a narration of it. The narration voice was the same voice from the regular show commercials that said "Regular Show, It's anything but." Then it showed "Episode 1" on screen and he narrated that and then the episode started and on screen were Mordecai and Rigby. But they were more normal looking. Mordecai and Rigby were just the outlines of them and they were not a detailed. They looked like they were drawn by a 5 year old and there was no animation, just a bunch of pictures. They started introducing themselves and they had robotic voices that were high pitched and sounded exactly the same. Now im gunna say what happened in every episode of season 1 and give out my opinions later. Here we go in 3 ... 2 ... 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 1

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 1.

(Mordecai and Rigby were standing in the grass.)

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai.

Rigby: And I am Rigby.

Mordecai: And this is Irregular Show.


Episode 2

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 2.

(Mordecai and Rigby were in a golf cart)

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai.

Rigby: And I am Rigby.

Mordecai: And we are in the golf cart.

Rigby: And we are moving in it.

Mordecai: Yeah we are.


Episode 3

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 3

(Mordecai and Rigby are standing on a rock)

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai.

Rigby: And I am Rigby.

Mordecai: And we are standing on a rock for no reason.


Episode 4

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 4

(Mordecai and Rigby are bouncing on a bouncy house)

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai.

Rigby: And I am Rigby.

Mordecai: And we are on a Bouncy House and we like it.


Episode 5

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 5

(Rigby's sitting on a toilet)

Rigby: Hi I am Rigby and I am having diarheea.


Episode 6

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 6

(Mordecai and Rigby are pooping on some nachos)

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai

Rigby: And I am Rigby

Mordecai: And we are pooping on our food.

(Mordecai and Rigby eat the poopy nachos)

Mordecai: And we are eating it.

Rigby: Yum.


Episode 7

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 7

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai

Rigby: And I am Rigby

Mordecai: And we are killing our stupid boss Benson.

(Mordecai and Rigby start shooting guns at Benson)

Rigby: He is a idiot.

Benson: Ow you killed me. That hurts.

Mordecai: Shut up.


Episode 8

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 8

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai

Rigby: And I am Rigby

Mordecai: And today, we are killing Benson again.

(Mordecai and Rigby are killing Benson again)

Rigby: Yeah cuz he's stupid.

Benson: Ow! You killed me again!

Mordecai: Next time, kill yourself so we don't have to do it for you.


Season 1 Opinions and After Stuff

I said. "Where was Mordecai in episode 5?" Then my friend said "Shut up" then I said "No" then I said I hope that this isnt gunna be a scary super trrifying thing is what I said. I hopw this isnt gunna turn out like those scary things like HAPPY APPLE and THE MR BEAR SHOW or something like that. Then my friend said yeah. Then I said HEY I SAID FOR YOU TO SHUT UP. Then he said no you didnt and then I said I said it in my head idiot then I shot him with a gun and he died and then my mom came down and said "What is going on here? then she saw my dead friend and said "GASP!" Then I said "She did it" and I pointed to my sister and she got blamed for something she didn't do. HA HA WHAT A LOSER!!!

Anyway, my opinions on all of season one. After all of those eight episodes I began to reaize a few disturbing and out-of-place things in the season. Mostly related to episodes 6, 7, and 8.

1. Episodes 6, 7, and 8 were not at all regular like the plot of the show was, these things were in fact "irregular."

2. The series became more gruesome and violent as it progressed. Episode 6 was gross and disturning, episode 7 was a little bit worse, and episode 8 was slightly more worse. I was glad it all ended there.

3. I noticed that what I did to my friend was very similar to what happened in episode 8.

4. I just noticed that the word "racecar" spelled backwards is "racecar."

Anyway, I was glad that it was all over from then on forward, but that was all until the next day when I had another message sent to me. It read Irregular Show Season 2! That was not something that I was hoping for. I watched the episodes just so that I could watch the episodes and this is how they went.

Episode 9

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 9

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai

Rigby: And I am Rigby

Mordecai: And I am gunna sing a song to Rigby.

(Mordecai starts singing, what he was doing was just speaking and every one of his syllables were at different pitches and frequencies. I thought that this was because the creators had such crappy technology due to a low budget so this is the closest they could to for singing. This is what he was singing)

Mordecai: My name is Mordecai and I like to eat apples.

(Rigby ricited it back to him)

Rigby: My name is Mordecai and I like to eat bananas.

Mordecai: No no no. You did it all wrong. Lets do it again.

(Mordecai sings the same song again)

Rigby: My name is Mordecai and I like to eat oranges.

Mordecai: No no no. You got it all wrong again.

(Mordecai sing the song again)

Rigby: My name is Mordecai and I like to eat pears.


(There was a transition that led to them at night still standing there)

Mordecai: NO NO NO YOU HAVE IT ALL WRONG AGAIN! Let's try this one more time.

Rigby: Ok.

(Mordecai sings the song once more)

Rigby: My name is Mordecai and I like to eat apples.


Rigby: My names not Rigby. My name is Mordecai.

Mordecai: Huh?

(Rigby turns into Mordecai)

Mordecai: WHOA! RIGBY!

Rigby: My name is Mordecai and I like to eat apples.

(Rigby's eyes trun red and Mordecai turns into an apple)

Rigby: MMM! Apples!

(Rigby eats Mordecai and blood comes out of the apple)

Rigby: My name is Mordecai and I like to eat apples.


Before I could watch episode 10, I was shocked by this although I was also sort of expecting this because of my predictions I made in my season 1 review. Other things I noticed was that in this episode, the artwork was better and more realistic and this episode was about one whole minute long and much longer than the others. Usually their about 3 seconds long.

Episode 10

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 10

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai.


I noticed that Rigby was not in this episode, but then I figured out that this might have been Rigby, and this was because of what happened in the previous episode. Rigby killed Mordecai, replaed him, and took over the show. I watched the rest of the episodes of season 2. Season 2 had 16 more episodes and every single one of them was only Mordecai just standing there saying stupid things in episodes that lasted about 2 or 3 seconds long. None of the episodes had Rigby in them. Well, actually they did but he was in the form of Mordecai. So technically, none of the episodes MORDECAI in them.

Episode 11

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 11

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai and I like tacos.


Episode 12

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 12

(Mordecai is holding a piece of paper)

Mordecai: Hi, I am Mordecai and I have a stupid piece of crap in my hand. It's called homework.

(Mordecai throws the homework on the ground)

Mordecai: HA HA!


Episode 13

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 13

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai and that is a flower.


Episode 14

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 14

Mordecai: Hi, I am Mordecai and I have a metal detecor.


Mordecai: Good things it's not a poop in your pants detector or else you guys would have known what I just did.

Episode 15

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 15

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai and I am holding cheese in my hand.


After I finished watching this episode my mom came upstairs telling em that there was a package for me. I went downstairs to go get it and in there was a pocket knife. It was sent to me by my grandfather. There was a note there that said this.

Dear, Billy

Happy Birthday Billy, for your birthday you can have this pocketknife. I used this when I was fighting the Red Baron in the military. Now I want you to use it just in case you ever run into any Blue Barons or Green Barons or Yellow Barons or uh ... uuuuuh ... so anyway i'm sorry I got you preangant.  From, your ex-boyfriend Chad.

Okay, appearantly my granda is losing his mind. My name is not Billy and half the stuff that he had written down there was untrue and ridiculous. First of all, my name's not Billy, second of all, it wasn't anywhere near my birthday, third of all, he never fought in the military, and fourth (and most stupidly obvious) of all, he was never my ex-boyfriend who got me preagnant. I'm a boy therefor I have the disability to get preagnant, and he's about 75 years old therefor he has the disability to get anyone pregnant. Anyway, aside from all that it still was a pretty cool knife though. I'm going to like having it.

Episode 16

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 16

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai and I like to jump on the trampoline


I must have forgotten all about watching Irregular Show yesterday after I got that new cool pocket knife. I have been playing around with it ever since. Iv'e been carving funny sculptures into all of the furniture, i've been using it to gut fish from our neighbor's koi pond, and most of all, iv'e been using it just to aimlessly and carelessy toss around high in the air. I was just doing it today when my mom came in and told me "STOP THROWING YOUR KNIFE AROUND LIKE THAT BEFORE YOU TO KILL SOMEONE!!!" Then I said "Shut up Mom I don't need to listen to you!" and I slammed the door in her face. Ever since then i've been throwing my knife all around the place and cathing it. She keeps telling me to stop doing that before I hurt someone over and over and over again but I keep ignoring her. I'm throwing it up and down really high as I type this right now and i'm not even looking at it. :)

Episode 17

Narrator: Irregular Show EPisode 17

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai and I just ate some yummy beans.


Mordecai: I farted.


Well, this episode was just as stupid as all of the other episodes of this season were (excluding season 2 episode 1 of course) and all iv'e really been paying attention to mostly today is my awesome new pocket knife. So, if I don't finish all of season 2 today you'll know the reason why. I'm still throwing it up and down right now. OMG!!!

Episode 18

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 18

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai and I stepped in dog poop.

(Mordecai has his foot in a brown line on the ground which appearantly is the dog poop)


Episode 19

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 19

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai and I am standing next to a tree.


Episode 20

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 20

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai and I am going to fall flat on my face now

(Mordecai falls flat on his face)


One thing is for certain, typing out all of these episodes Is really boring and annoying. Well don't worry there's only 4 more episodes left and then i'll give my season 2 review. So it won't be long at all.

PS i'm still throwing my knife.

Episode 21

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 21

Mordecai: Hi, I am Mordecai and i'm eating a sandwich.


Episode 22

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 22

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai and I am reading a book.


Episode 23

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 23

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai and I am running.


(I'm still throwing that knife as I type just so you know.)

Episode 24

Narrator: Irregular Show Episode 24

Mordecai: Hi I am Mordecai and right now I am making Rigby.

(Mordecai is seen building a robot Rigby is what it seems like)

Rigby: Hi I am Rigby.

Mordecai: Hi Rigby, are you ready to die?

Rigby: No.

(Mordecai starts beating Rigby with a giant hammer and Rigby screams every time he gets hit)

Mordecai: HA HA HA!


NOW THAT WAS A SHOCKING EPISODE!!! THAT EXPLAINS ALOT ABOUT THE FIRST EPISODE OF SEASON 2! I THINK IVE FIGURED IT OUT NOW! In irregular show, Mordecai must have been taking all the fame and glory in the show and treating Rigby like crap. So Rigby got his revenge on him in episode 11 and now he's taken Mordecai's place and won his title back. Now, he built a fake of himself and is pretending to be like the original Mordecai SO HE CAN FEEL BETTER AND TAKE IT ALL FOR HIMSELF!!! IT ALL MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! IT'S PERFECTLY CLEAR NOW! WHY ELSE WOULD HE DO THIS! IF THERE IS A SEASON 3 OF THIS I AM MOST DEFINATELY GOING TO WATCH IT TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS INSANE DILEMMA!!!

... I'm still throwing my knife right now.

Season 2 review

After my friend got out of his coma, I went to Hells Pass hospital where I gave him a little visit. There, I showed him all the season 2 episodes. Well like I said beore, every episode was just Mordecai (Who was really Rigby) in a bunch of normal old episodes alone. My friend was in shock by the first episode and actually considered that this was some left-over brain issues from the gunshot, but I was seeing it too so he knew that it was real. I was asked to leave the hospital after this because for some strange reason a pocket knife got lodged into my friend's forehead there and he had to be put into a longer coma nap. Hmmm ... now I wonder how that happened ... I thought about this for a long time while I threw my pocket knife which was covered in blood from my friend's head. Then after a while I stopped caring and just played some video games. ... I'm still throwing my knife right now.

Season 3

Okay it's time for season 3. Sorry that it took so long for me to continue it. I mean you guys must have been waiting for like A GAZILLION YEARS for me to do it. You probably thought I was dead, well, uh, not really dead. I mean like, i'm not actually dead for real, what I meant was like, I just haven't done anything in a long time on the internet. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. OR MAYBE I REALLY AM DEAD AND IM A DEMON ZOMBIE WHO'S GUNNA KILL YOU!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just joking i'm not really a demon zombie. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, let's just get to season 3 for god sakes shall we?

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