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the young boy woke up in his room. the blood still on his jeans from the other night. he wasnt too scared though, his father had swooped in and had saved him from his foe. " are you okay jack?" his father asked in a mad voice. jack replied with craze in his voice. he didnt seem to like the way his father was talking to him. "dont you dare use that tone with me!" he held a knife to jacks neck. "shut up." he said "shut the fuck up!" jack resisted his fathers grip. "leave me alone!" he said with tears beginning to run down his cheek. his father continued to slap him. "toughen up pussy!" he yelled. jack grabbed the knife from his fathers hands and held it to his neck. "you toughen up you crazy fucker!" he started to lose his control over himself. "thats it! thats it! im done with you!" for a second, his  father had the look he hadnt had in a long time: fear. but that idea quickly faded as he grabbed the knife from jack and threw jack against the wall." you little shit! he said. he kicked jack in the stomach and left the room.

The next day jack went to a nearby fast food resturaunt. he ordered some food and thought to himself. "fuck my life he thought. how will i make my dad proud? He went home that night and took his dads knife. he found a hoodie and an old mask from a halloween costume. he walked outside and to town. he walked into the fast food resturaunt that he had eaten at that same day."sup loser" a group of kids were there too. "its not halloween." "fuck you" jack replied. "you want to take this outside?" the kid asked. " if you got the balls" jack replied. but jack didnt take any chances. he lunged at the kid and stabbed him repeatedly in the stomach. the blood oozed from it like a spilled glass. he slowly cut open the childs stomach

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