Jake kills fin the human!!!!

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so i am a dumbass fan of adventure time and this happened to meh that made meh not a fan anymore (i still am).

so i was at a shitty yardsale (not suprising) when i saw a vhs tape named adventure time season 7!!!. i don't even thought they made season 7 yet well who gives a shit. the guy said i can has it for 4 pigs. so i gots him 4 pigs and got home and watched the episude and it was spooky... and it was cheaply made.

duh episude-fin and jake was taking a fucking walk as always not suprising. and fin got a picnic blanket and he put it on the grass. jake said fin did you bring the picnic basket?. fin laughed and said nope.

jakes face got really red. fin started laughing more. jake punched fin in the face and ripped his dick off fin screamed and jake got a fork and stabbed his eye and mades fin eat it. fin tryed spitting it out but jake kicked his mouth and blocked it. jake then puked in fins mouth and shut it. as jake shit on fins face he ripped fins arms off. fin screamed and jake bit off his legs.

fin was then crying while screaming. jake then cut fin open and ate his intestines. i's was some how entertained. jake then banged fins head on a tree and fin died jake then laughed like a dumb shit like he is. and a person yelled at jake and said i'm calling the cops!!!.

jake ate the phone and ripped the guys eyes out and put it in his mouth and jake shoved a brick up his butthole (bricks go shat? brick no gets shat).

the guy then got ripped n half by jake and jake ran to the kandy kingdom and light it on fire!!! and jake looked at the screen and farted.

duh end.

now i cant get a dog cause that would be cheatng!.

and i died for no reason...

Written by Sleashking‎
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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