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After Surfing The Web I Found A Website,Perhaps A Very disturbing Website If I Say So My self. I found It Mario Wiki,The title was (Jashi Voorhees) The Description was A Undead Yoshi To mimic (Jason Voorhees). He almost made Me Barf.

He Had A Black torn Coat & ripped pant's,One eye was missing,half of his cheek was shredded,Drooling Blood,& a pocket knife in his bony hand.The game It said he was from was called...(Mushroom Hunt). So I seached that title,It hardly had anything until,I found A emulater game download link.It Was very glitchy, very poor graghics. It looked like N64 Graghics not as stabled.

So I plugged in my Xbox 360 controller And I Played it. It started out like normal Mario as you would exspect. Toad Start's running to Mario saying Yoshi's Missing!! So peach give's Mario a kiss goodbye. The gameplay is Yoshi's Island, so you talk to yoshi's this is when it get's odd. Thair are Undead koopas & goombas, istead of smashing goombas like Mario it was more realistic blood splaters all over the place. It get's dark & you see giant wooden stick's with dead yoshi head on top,then the music sounds like the SMW castle theme but more dark. then in the darkness you see a yoshi running for help so i follow it, then I hear a "SPLAT",& I see Jashi Voorhees slicing a pink yoshis head clean off it's shoulders,then he looks straight tword me and dropped the dead yoshi & took a giant knife & he ran tword me,before I saw the gore my computer crashed it went to bluescreen.

I started having morbid nightmares of him.1 was were he my mother, anthor was he dipped my father's head in toxic waste. I could not stop thinking of it! everywere I looked I saw him.

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