Jeff, Ben, and Slender Man get captured by the SCP Foundation

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One day, Jeff was sitting at his house in Creepypasta world (which is 3 miles outside disney world), when Ben called him on his iFuck. "Hey Jeff, me and slender man are having some crazy sex, want to join?" Ben said. Jeff was like, "Fuck yes I do!" and he went over to Ben's house. When he got there, Ben and Slendy were fucking in the basement, so Jeff grabbed a camera, put it on a tripod, and got in the action. 5 hours later, Jeff wanted to send the porno to his friend smile dog, so he uploaded it to his computer and put it in and e-mail. But slendy started fucking him from behind, so Jeff sent it to the SCP Facility in [DATA EXTRACTED]. At the SCP Facility, they discovered 2 of the supernatural powers they wanted contained and a mass murderer in the same place, so they took a heavily armed unit to Ben's house. 15 minutes later, The Foundation busted down the door and found the trio of gay creepypasta characters fucking again. Since they were to busy fucking to notice or react, The Foundation got 2 new SCPs. SCP-[DATA EXTRACTED] and SCP-[DATA EXTRACTED]. Jeff didn't get to be an SCP because he wasn't supernatural, so he got to be a D-class personal. After 2 weeks, they all died. Here's how.

Slender Man- Died when used to fight SCP-682. Squashed then eaten. All remains where removed by 682 licking the floor clean of remains and it's strong stomach acid. 

Ben- Died while not looking at SCP-173. It took 3 days for 173 to completely dispose of Ben.

Jeff- Died when testing with SCP-106. Being in 106s target range, 106 took Jeff to his pocket dimension and tortured him to death for 16 hours. The corpse never returned, but further study showed that his tissue was still on the walls and floor.

Note: That bastard got exactly what he deserved. All the kids he killed, and all the others as well. I hope Satan has his way with him in Hell. -Dr. [DATA EXTRACTED]

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