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Welcome to CreepyPasta Messenger

Version 2.0


Chatroom Creepy52398 Entered

*BEN Joined*

*Jeff Joined*

*Jack Joined*

Jeff: Sup BEN, guess what... I killed a person today

BEN: you shouldn't have done that

Jack: BEN, why do you say that all the time it gets annoying

BEN: I enjoy the happiness it brings me annoying people

Jack: Okayyyyy... Well today I turned 5 people into dust and bones

today they were so scared J

Jeff: We should kill together sometime

Jack: Well... Okay that would be cool

BEN: CAN I ?!?!

Jack: If you bring the 64

BEN: But...

Jack: WHAT!!!!!!!

BEN: I have no more

Jack: Why isn't Jeff talking?

Jeff: Sorry I was going outside and got locked out

BEN: Absolutely Fabulous

Jack: WTF BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEN: UMM... big words... I know

Jeff: Of course BEN, always for you, at least words being too big

BEN: Shut the F**k up, Jeff

Jack: Wow you know bad words too

Jeff: There to probably too big for him to handle

BEN: You know what! Gah! SHUT UP!!!!

Jack: Hey guys do you know when Slendy is going to join?

Jeff: Whatever BEN I gotta go anyways It's time to hunt with Sally

BEN: But... Sally's my hunting partner

Jeff: Too Bad !

*Jeff left the chat*

BEN: Oh and Jack... Slendey got hung up in some killing in his woods... I heard that he killed 10 people at one time! he'll be here soon we'll at least thats what he told me

Jack: HOLY S**T thats more than I kill in a week

BEN: I Know! mass killing in my realm is huge! I've killed a whole family at one time, but they were asleep and thats about as many i have killed at one time

BEN: Oh Yeah one time i killed a family and there was a guy that looked just like me before, well... Drowning!

Jack: Where were you when you killed that person?

BEN: I was with Sally, so I'm not sure

Jack: Do you remember that game you were trapped in?

BEN: Of Course! gives me chills just thinking about it

Jack: How did you get trapped in it anyways?

BEN: Majora's Mask trapped me in there

Jack: What is taking Slendy so long, D**n it!?

BEN: Hold on, I'll text him

Jack: HOLY S**T he's right behind me

*Slendy Joined*

Slendy: Sup, Jack and BEN

Jack: You Scared the Souls out of me man

Slendy: My specialty

Jack: What have you BEN doin Slendy (see what I did there BEN)

BEN: Haha Jack a** (see what I did there)

Jack: Dude you take things to seriously and by the way slendy i asked you what you were doin

Slendy: Killing, my suit is terribly stained with blood sadly

Jack: you could call 1-800-THE-RAKE like i did they got the blood out of my clothes well it technically wasn't blood but they get blood out and if they don't it is free of charge

Slendy: who needs free, I'll kill them when they're done!

Jack: you have to pre-pay with a credit card

Slendy: I could just steal the cleaner

Jack: how are you going to steal The Rake?

Slendy: easy, when he's not looking I'll grab him

Jack: that's true I'll help because he has a bunch of maids living in the floors below his cleaning store and they're usually asleep

BEN: Maids... Smile loves the taste of them.

Jack: thats why I wanted to come

BEN: ashame he's not here

Jack: how could he, he can't type

*Smile Joined*

Smile: Thats a false acusation my friend

Jack: how did you know we were talking about you

Smile: I can read minds, I'm outside BEN's window

BEN: What the F**k, you are

Jack: Smile you are creepy

Smile: My friend... you should know that, i am one of the popular creepypastas

Jack: are you saying I'm not

Smile: Thats what i'm implying

Jack: F**K you

Slendy: (nothing written)

Jack: What are you doing Slendy?

Slendy: aaloihfaf gfhkgjdfkl rgferlghrle rghrw

Jack: WTF

Smile: Slendy? WTF

Jack: crap my favorite show's on I'll be back in a little bit

*Jack left the chat*

BEN: Umm... What Th-

*BEN left the chat*

Smile: Guys... Slendy!?!... This isn't cool guys

Slendy: F**K... No NO NOOOOOO

*Slendy left the chat*

Smile: What the F**K just happened

*Jack joined*

Jack: I'm ba... where did everyone go

Smile: I DON'T KNOW! They flipped out and Just... left!

Jack: Hmmmmmmmmmm I think I know whats going on

Smile: you think Jeff got them, I believe so Too

Jack: Smi...

*Jack left the chat*

Smile: JACK!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHI...

*Smile left the chat*

*Jeff joined*

Jeff: Go to sleep

Chat Ended

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