Jeff Spinoffs that Brick May or May Not've Forgotten

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I AM NOT FURBEARINGBRICK. Seriously. Here goes.

Jeff Loses All Of His Hair And Has to Wear A Wig

Jeff The Miller

Jeff Draws A Face On Slenderman

Jeff Kills Jane In Her Sleep

Jeff Kills Himself In His Sleep

Jeff Releases The Longest Turd Ever

Jeff Blows Bubbles

Jeff Oversleeps

Jeff Looks At The Sun

Jeff Practices The Piano

Jeff Licks His Plate Clean

Jeff's Dick Grows Larger Than the Empire State Building

Jeff Grows Eyebrows

Jeff Lands in Equestria

Jeff's Family Tree

Jeff Eats Yogurt

Jeff Gets Scared From The Emergency Alert System

Jeff Gets Addicted To Smoking

Jeff Participates In "Jeopardy!"

Jeff Participates In "Wheel of Fortune"

Jeff Quits Killing

Jeff Replaces The "Killer" Part Of His Name With "The Friendly Guy"

Jeff Meets Ffej

Jeff's Teddy Bear Loses An Ear

Jeff Punches A Wall

Jeff Buys New Clothes

Jeff Draws A Realistic Eye

Jeff Becomes A Stickman

Jeff Quits Breathing

Jeff Listens To Static

Jeff Runs Out Of Clean Clothes

Jeff Eats At Bojangles

Jeff Gets His Own Television Show

Jeff Falls Off His Bed

Jeff Buys A Dog

Jeff Throws A Brick On His Head And Gets A Concussion

Jeff Eats A Pizza

Jeff Drinks The Pain Away

Jeff Loses A Sock In The Washer

Jeff Finds The Ring

Jeff, Yer A Wizard

Jeff Is Actually Darth Vader

Jeff Falls Off A Wall

Jeff Sits And Does Nothing

Jeff Stuffs Himself With Potato Chips

Jeff Throws Cookies (Literally)

Jeff Goes To The Moon

Jeff Reveals His Name Is Jefferson

Jeff's Television Won't Work

Jeff Writes A Trollpasta

Jeff Takes The Head Off Of LOLSKELETONS

Jeff Puts His Shoes On Wrong

Jeff Gets A Jeep

Jeff Drops His Phone

Jeff Throws Away His Girly Lunchbox

Jeff Is On The News

Jeff Shoots His Eye Out

Jeff Is On A Vacation Far Away

Jeff Goes Blackface

Jeff Shot Kennedy

Jeff Meets Worm Jeff

Jeff Goes Sane

Jeff Used To Work On The Docks

Jeff Walks Wearily Down The Street

Jeff Turns Into A Dog

Jeff Slurps A Long Spaghetti Noodle

Jeff Runs Out Of Things To Do

Jeff Kills Charlie Brown

Jeff Smashes A Plate

Jeff founds out the definition of bae

Jeff Gets Pregnant

Jeff Saves the Kids

Jeff Saves Christmas

Jeff Goes to Taco Bell

Jeff Becomes a Jedi

Jeff Reads Creepypastas

Jeff Marries Slenderman

Jeff Eats Some McDonalds cuz he is a Fat Prick

If Brick did any of these, let me know.

Made by Rtivey

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