Jeff The Twerker

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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

A funny Jeff the killer parody

The Story

Jeff was just a normal dude, he did well in college, but one day, he smoked way to much cocaine.

Jeff was going to university one day with his brother Liu, they were just about to get there when a group of gummy bears came towards Jeff

"Gimme your Gummy Bears!!!" Red screamed as he began to pick up Jeff, Jeff had got this tingly feeling he would usually get when he smoked a lot of cocaine, so he began to twist Red Blue and Green's necks off and began feasting.

Next Day, Jeff got invited to a birthday party, Jeff wondered if there was cocaine there, his mom said HELLZ YEA, so Jeff had began walking to the house. When he got there, there was a table of cocaine which was gone completely seconds before Jeff had arrived, he then played Cowboys with kids, when suddenly, the gummy bears had returned with new heads, Jeff got scared and ran upstairs. He was only half way up when he fell down the stairs and landed in yo mamas fat ass. (not to mention there was camel piss in there which bleached Jeff)


When Jeff removed his bandages he saw his new beautiful face

"I LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!" Jeff Laughed as his mom and dad started laughing too, even though they were socially awkward about Jeff.

When Jeff got home he went straight to the bathroom with a knife, when his mom walked in he looked at her

"Mom, Not enough cocaine went up my nose so I enlargened my right nostril! MAKE ME A TWERK OFF!!"

"Jeff Honey, I will get your dad to make you a Twerk off." So Jeff's mom went to Jeffs dad and said "Honey, Get the Cannabis" All of a sudden, jeff came in an said

"Mom, you weren't gonna make me a twerk off, time to die!!!!" So Jeff bagan Twerking and Jeffs Mom got sucked into Jeff's Arse, then Jeff Twerked again and Jeffs Dad got sucked into Jeff's Arse, then Jeff Twerked again and Liu got sucked into Jeff's Arse, He then went around twerking on everyone and sucking them into his arse. One Day, he went back and twerked so hard that he sucked his house into his arse. Stephen Hawking then based his black hole theory on Jeffs twerking, only for Stephen Hawking to get sucked in.

Jeff then sucked the whole world in his arse including the "and then a skeleton popped out" jokes.


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