Jeremy's Adventures

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"Well I got nothing better to do today" sighed Jeremy. Famous last words. Jeremy would soon travel down a path that none had come back from unscathed.


Almost instantly, Jeremy was assaulted by a tunnel of color while kittens screamed the national anthem at him.

After tap-dancing with Abraham Lincoln and his army of giant Cheerios for a few hours, Jemanuel woke up in a bed in the middle of the ocean. He found a sentient humanoid next to him made entirely of candies and sweets.

"Talk about eye candy" Johnson joked. Samson ate his way into the candy man's body, humming the Super Mario theme, then fell asleep for a thousand hours, dreaming of moon camp.

Peter woke up in a bathtub full of water, his first thought being:

"How did I get here? More importantly, how am I breathing?" He climbed out, and saw Smokey the Bear doing the fishstick on the ceiling.

Smokey exploded into hundreds of strawberry tortes, each treat then merged, and formed into a blonde kid wearing almost all orange, who then proceeded to shout in a low voice:

"Believe it!"

"Go to hell!" Perry shouted and Sparta-kicked the colorblind giant into the sun.

"I would like to play a game " said a midget clown.

"Oh my god, are you gonna put me in a dozen death traps, then leave an escape only to have my stupidity or greed kill me?" Brian cried

"... I was thinking Scrabble" spoke the midget giant.

"Oh, I suppose that works too" said Zeus bitterly.

So they played Jumanji, and Santa never took drugs again.

"Don't do drugs, kids" said a yellow horse with a awesome, deep voice.

Listen to the magic horse kids.

Listen to it.

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