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joshua is a really good kid a nice kid, but something wrong on joshua world.zulay cristina die beacuse sha been kill by slender.fiezal is sick beacuse have cancer on his brian. zulmarie has lost her faith of my little pony,beacuse it turn evil so she cry with blood  in her room and hugging a pony with dark eye and blood.joshua parents has to go somewher and leave joshua and his grandma in the house,joshua protect his grandma,after she died in joshua alone,well not so alone he still have his friend the old and new. but whatever happend to joshua mom well she had disvocer again and she stay with alex but then jeff the killer kill joshua mom and took alex with him and raise like his own son.all the crepypasta gang try to kill joshua but they fail becuase joshua sad look so they kill themself.but then a atomic boom explode the placed and everybody died except joshua and his friend becuase they still have plany of live left. so that day joshua sit on the ground and thing what he going to do so he when to the toilet sitting their for 30 second and then brieght come down to earth and you know is was oishi kawaii the same one from oishi high school battle and she said to joshua: joshua your not safe in here come with me and i,ll take you to a better joshua said:ok. so joshua and oishi fly away to the sky from earth and live somewhere i know this story tell you who was an old friend hang out at school is me ricardo and i know this story i saw everything and heard if anyone still alive they can take or could be..........YOU.

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