KID VS KAT : The Two Faced Kat

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The planet, "Kat Nebula", was a quarter mile; it seemed to go on, and on. The planet was like mars, there was just nothing but rock, and sand. But a city was built in the middle of it all. The city has been engulfed by sapient cats for many years. But nobody has more of a tragic past than the rider of a passing UFO.

The UFO is driven by a Kat Nebulan named, "Dr. K" (or Eleanor). She looked like one of those certain doctors who worked on children's health, but really, she works with her boss. The Kat Nebulan riding in the passenger side, however, he looked different from the others. He was pale, and had a chipped ear. His black eyes had a foggy grey ring around them and always looked as if they were glanced over.

His fangs were jagged, probably born that way; he also wore a scrub T-shirt that was given to him by the hospital. He just held his arms on his chest and just stared at the passing UFO's. You can tell that something was wrong with him. He has a rare mental disorder called, "Tourette's Syndrome". He would Tick, every five seconds. He would be haunted by the laughing and the grinning of many Kat Nebulans who encountered him, it had gotten so bad, that he had to be schooled by Dr. K.

"Jack", was the Kat Nebulans name. He was Dr. K's first boyfriend, till… He appeared. "Mr. Kat", that sapient cat that always gets Jack in trouble, numerous of times. He would get all the credit. All the fame and Jack would just be left behind with nothing, but his own shadow. He would do all the work in the litter mines, as Kat would hog all the fame and fortune. It wasn't fair for him, it wasn't fair at all.

As Mr. Kat stood in the parking lot of the building of their work place, Jack just stared at him with boiling hatred and with automatic anger. Dr. K noticed it already.

"Why is he here?" he asked in a moody tone.

"He is Employee of the month, he is here to do his job." She answered.

"Yeah… when's he not?"

She just sighed and opened the door to step out and face Mr. Kat. Mr. Kat was expecting a greeting, but she just passed him by and held Jack's shoulder.

"Hey!" Mr. Kat said in a mocking tone, "No hello, huh?" Dr. K then told Jack to get ready to start the day, and he went to his locker.

"Hey, he's a chemist, he can do those things by himself!" he says to her. "He just came out of the Hospital; give him some elbow ro…"

"No!" Jack says. "I'm a chemist, I can do these things by myself." He said sarcastically while glaring menacingly at Mr. Kat.

"Heck is his problem?" Mr. Kat asked.

"Isn't it obvious, Agent 27B? After all the no-good, idiotic things you put him through?" She answered with a stern look.

"Hey, he can walk a few miles, cut him some slack!" He answered.

"Agent 27B, the poor creature can barely made it out alive in that UFO accident years ago! How would you like it if your life was going down the drain, huh?! Got any bright ideas, Mr. Macho?!" She snapped at him.

"Oh, Boo-Hoo, he can take his tears with him if he's that of a sore loser!" He snapped back.

"SORE LOSER?! Why I never!!"

"Alright that's enough!" said the Commander who heard the argument escalading, "That's all we needed to hear, now I know Jack has been in a downward spiral lately, but he needs the right motivation if he wants to get on track."

"The right mot- but commander, surely you must be joking?!" Dr. K muttered.

"Heh, Talk about a wet dream..."

Dr. K elbowed Kat in the arm.

"Shut up, Agent 27B…"

As Jack worked in the litter mines, the commander was watching his every move by a certain monitor on a huge screen. He was pleased by his pace, but he can tell that Jack was under pressure by the smell of feces and urine. The commander then went over to the litter mines to have a little talk with Jack.

"Hello, Jack." The commander said with a decent tone. Jack turned to face him.

"I see you've made quite a recovery after that, horrid event, late last night."

"And what do you know about it? After all, you pat that idiot behind the back and slap me in the face." Jack said with his hazel eyes narrowed.

"Now I know you and Agent 27B had been through rough times, but I think you two have got to have some time apart for a while."

Jack gave a slight chuckle and said rolling his black eyes, "Yeah, I know right?"

The commander sat next to Jack.

"Here's the real truth. The reason nobody likes you is because… Now how do I put this delicately? Well, because you're… Different, you're not like the other Katnipians in this world. You hunch you're back as you sit, you have the teeth of a shark, and you're white as a ghost."

Jack looks at his hands (or Paws) and saw that the Commander was right. He took a break and went into the bathroom to look inside the mirror. He saw his reflection and had a single tear rolled down his face. He knelt and puts his paws on his face and rubbed his wrinkly face, and nearly wept.

Later that afternoon,

He went home and stepped downstairs into his basement (Which is now his room). It wasn't much; it was just carpeted flooring and some old chapter books stacked on the shelf. The room was lit by a single light bulb. He layed in bed and listened to his favorite song, "Loser, by Beck", as he listened, it was almost as if the Human being who was singing was describing Jack's life as a Loser of life. But, as he laid in bed, he thought about his one and only friend, Dr. K. But who was he kidding? He tried asking her out on a date, NUMEROUS of times, but all failed when he got too shy.

Jack had been in some loops in his life, but he didn't care, he felt pain all his life. But he was relived though, because Mr. Kat would be having a mission to go to Earth tomorrow, that will bring enough time to ask The Commander to have HIM, out on HIS mission. But as Tomorrow came, he didn't get the job, which broke him because he wanted that job and become the so called, "HERO". He wanted to save the world, and not become the Villain.

Dr. K saw Jack and asked,

"Did you get the job yet?"

"No, not yet..." He said. "Probably had some tests planned."

"Oh, hey, maybe you'll give it a try next time!" she said happily.

"Yeah..." he said, quietly.

Later he finally gathered up some courage and spoke to her while working on a machine,

"Uh, w-want to g-g-go out on...uuh.. a-a date with me?"

Dr. K just looked at him and said with a huge smile,

"Oh, Jack, I don't know what to say! I love to... Oh..."

Her smile suddenly faded as she looked at the floor.

"What?" Jack asked.

"I can't. agent 27B already asked me before he left."

Jack was in shock!

"What?! Why did he do that before I wanted to ask you all these years?"

Dr. K explained that Mr. Kat knew he wanted to ask her out, so he turned the tables and now this happened. Inside of Jack was pure rage, but he kept it to himself, and didn't want to cause a scene. Dr. K's phone rang and it had Mr. Kat's collar ID on it, it was for Jack.

"So Dr. K told you're ugly Ass everything, huh? Hahaha! I just took you're job, AND You're Childhood sweetie! Face it, Fool, She's not you're type! Get over it, wake up, snap out of it! You're nothing but old newspapers, Now she's with some 'HEADLINE' News. So get a REAL hobby, and stay out of mine! And don't let me catch you anywhere around my girl, understand, Quasimodo? She doesn't like you, she's just walking around you're Cuck Ass! So beat it!"

The phone declined.

Jack stared at her, heart broken, Dr. K tried to tell him that its a lie, but he just nods at her and leaves. When he came back home, he slammed the door violently, took his crow-bar and smashed everything in site! After the destruction of his own house, he laid on the bed and cried hard in his pillow. He engulfed is entire face into the pillow and wept extremely hard into it and felt his chest rise up and down as he wined and whimpered. He would be screaming his guts out if the pillow wasn't on his face. He took the pillow off, wiped the tears from his face and just sat up, and took heavy breathes.

On the day of Mr. Kat's return,

Jack suspected that Kat will just hog all the glory, but Kat brought some kids from Earth, which was suspicious to him. He saw a blond haired boy with a red T-shirt and some denim Jeans, the T-shirt had a orange stripe on it. He looked at the boy as Dr. K just trash talked him, saying that he would be imprisoned forever. Jack knew that this was not her! She knew better! Later, he talked to her in her office,

"Who are you and what have you done with the old friend I met back in the orphanage?" He asked.

"Jack, I'm sorry, I didn't know what came upon me... Please forgive me."

"So it was true then, you really have changed. You love that bastard more than how many stars in the galaxy." He continued.

"Those were lies, Jack! Agent 27B is trying to get under you're skin! Please, understand."

"...I understand." Jack answered.

Jack walked out of her office, to have Mr. Kat pass by.

"Told you not to go near her didn't I?" Kat said in frustration, but anger is replaced with a cocky chuckle.

"Don't worry, there's always a second chance. Next time, don't be such a spoiled sport."

He patted his head like as if he was a child and went inside triumphantly. Jack watched in anger and betrayal as Kat and Dr. K hug each other like boyfriend and girlfriend. Jack went and had a little chat with the Commander, telling him to never, Ever give him that medal, it's HIS. The Commander lets him off with a warning, Not, to mess with Kat. He said that he earned it, not stole it.

Later, working on the fuel pipes,

He smoked a cigar as he used a wrench to fix the screws on the pipes to the Rocket. But he spots Dr. K and again the kids. He wanted to chat with the kids, but he don't want to freak them out some more with his "abnormal" appearance. But he also saw Dr. K, kissing Mr. Kat, Right in front of him.

Jack became enraged and squeezed the wrench in his fist and grinding the screw slowly, making a loud Grinding noise.

Suddenly, a bunch of officers came out and fired at the kids who has guns as well, he wasn't busy about all of that, he kept his angry eyes at Kat; who tried and attempted to steal his life long dream and hypnotized his long time friend (and future wife)! His cigar crunched as his teeth graded upon each other! And for once, his pale white face became crimson red. He didn't even noticed the stench of the fuel inside the pipes leak.

After a long battle, the kids were taken off back to Earth. And the crowd cheered, with Jack still glaring at Kat. As the Commander was about to give him the 1.000000 dollar cash award, and with Jack's own friend (now the girlfriend of his Tormentor), became happy for him, Jack sees this and went absolutely crazy!! He screams as he smashed the pipes in a fit of rage!! The other doctors tried to reason with him, but it was no use!! But then... As he smashed a leaking pipe full of gas, it explodes on the right side of his face, blinding him in one eye! Jack then screams in pain, feeling stupid for what he just did! Suddenly, his cigar let off the gas puddle, setting the right side of his face on fire! The doctors went outside, calling for help! Jack's ear splitting shrieks of pain was heard, EMTs were called in and everything went black!

As he woke up in the hospital, he couldn't see out of his right eye. His face was wrapped in bandages. Dr. K was outside the room crying, and her father was holding her. He went up to go and see her, but was stopped by the tubing in his arm.

"I think you can't get out of bed just yet." The nurse said.

So he laid back down and asked the nurse when is the bandages going to be removed. She said that the bandages are going to be removed right now. She used her claw to cut the bandages and let them fall off his face, and Dr. K sees this and puts her paw on her mouth and cries even hard. Her father nearly faints.

"What? What's wrong with my face?"

He touched his right cheek, it had a leathery feel to it as the palm of his hand, and sworn he felt... his own flesh! He asked for a mirror and the nurse hands it to him. What he saw... was horrible.... The right side of his face was nothing but a black skull, His burnt flesh was the only skin he could feel now! His right eyelid were completely gone, so were the right side of his lips, showing his jagged teeth! But it was only on the right side, not his left.

"Jack, we couldn't fix you're face, we tried to take off all the hanging flesh from you're face but, that's it. We can't do anything about it."

Jack looked at his horrific reflection, then back at the nurse. Jack suddenly said, in some sort of ominous voice...

"iT's PeRfEcT..."

Dr. K stared at Jack after what he just said.

Later that night,

Dr. K enjoyed a party after Kat left again on another mission to Earth. But she suddenly heard someone screaming! She ran over to see a person saying to her that someone killed her husband!

"Who killed you're husband!?" she asked!

"S-some Two-faced monster!"


The frightened Katnipian pointed her to a alley where she saw Jack carving a hole inside the husband's chest!


"You shouldn't of done that, K... We LOVED you!" He snapped.


"DON'T LIE TO US!" He shouted angrily!

"We saw you kiss that retch, he's the monster, not us!"

"He Bribed me into it, he gave me a diamond from when he was in the litter mines!"

"So, now he's giving you stuff? Great, FUCKING GREAT GOD DAMMIT!"

She backed up slowly, seeing that he was going insane.

Jack sees this and draws two large carving knives at her!

"JACK, PLEASE STOP! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!" She said with teary, and frightened eyes!

"It's not about what WERE doing!..."

He continued again in that ghastly voice from the hospital.

"... iTs AbOuT wHaTs FaIr..."

He then gutted her like a pig! Her screams echoed off the building tops like the howling of wolves in the mountains!

The Commander woke up from her wailing before she died! He called Police and head down to where the police where heading! And saw Dr. K's horrific, mutilated body in a pool of blood.

This was it... this was how, Jack the Katnipian, became...


"We have breaking news!

The Two-Faced Mutilator is still at large! After a spree of killings, the serial killer is still on the rise!"

The scene then cuts to the downtown area.

"It is like the Earth Human, 'Jack the Ripper', Came back to life and stalked OUR planet, Leaving a blood bath on the streets. The only suspect, a Katnipian native named, 'Jack', a worker in the power plant, who was insidiously scarred by an accidental fire. But if you see this creature, as you see here in this composite sketch, please, contact you're local police department."

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