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IM Kate .......soo for the dicks who think im a knock off of jef the killer go fuck your selfs wana know y i look like him? well it starts with a story . i as 15 years old i was in 9th grade all A+ above the class i had many rivals but the one i hated the most was kenny bloomdale . when i wore a skirt he would pull it up and try to look i would hit him he would call me names and basicly kill my soul so when the creepy pasta jef the killer came out i was about to piss my self it scared the shiz out of my and when kenny found out my life went deeper into hell he would follow me home and scare me some times whisper "go to sleep kate" i wanted to kill him one day when i was walking home from school he found me he said"whats the rush kate" "backoff you shit fly" then he lounged at me "tsk tsk kaity thats not nice" i struogled to be set free threre was no way out he silenced my screams then he said" kate why your frouwning awww that wont do " he took out a knife and began to carve a smile in my face it was hopeless i cryed of pain and the blood driped all over when the cops found me i was thought to be dead till i spoke the smile was stitched at the emergency room i looked ugly when they let me out i killed my parents and then i killed kenny ill be watching some say i am a saint i kill people yes only the ones who try to harm others but im not one eney ones side i am my own ............. my mom was a drugy who would cheat on my dad and me dad would slap me around for fun soo there u go and ill kill eney one who mocks meso or u ass mucnches out there im waiting for u

Credited to Pinkeypie666

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