Keff the Jiller

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Have you heard of a spooky man named "Keff the Jiller"?

Keff is the demonic version of Jeff. He is still at large, and a few other people have known about him. This is a true story.

So I was playing on my Nintendo Wii™, and then I heard a strange noise. To my surprise, it was Jeff the Killer.

This time however, he seemed to be taller and more reddish. He also had no pupils to speak of, so his eyes were milky white. He also mainly walked on 4 legs, had 4 horns, and a tail.

It probably wasn't even Jeff. It was KEFF THE JILLER!

Now, it was way past my bedtime so then I understood why he was there, to kill me. I had to call THE POLICE.

However, being a dumbass, I continued to play that one specific crappy THQ™ game called Drawn To Life™ The Next Episode (or was it Journey???) for the Wii™.

Then Keff started to come closer, stood up on his hind legs, and said the catchphrase "GO. TO. SLEEP."™

However, he said it demonically, and I was SHOOK. Instead of pulling out a knife and stabbing me, he started to eat me alive, had sexual intercourse with my bones, and ate them up, too. Once he was done with me, he spit out my bones, and I was dead.

My soul was able to tell the story of my encounter with Keff to HomsarTheWeird before it was swallowed whole by Keff.

Credited to Michael Bobby Tristien Peters XX 

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