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Ok, so I'm a nostalgia type of guy. I like retro games, sue me. So, anyways, I bought a Nintendo 64 off of a site where you buy stuff from others. When it got delivered, I had my friends Kyle and Tom play with me. When they left, I saw a Kirby 64 cartridge on my couch. I thought Kyle or Tom had dropped it, but I started playing. When I popped it in, nothing looked wrong. The title screen looked normal. Then, on the first level, everything was black and white. I thought maybe it was a glitch, or my TV wasn't working. When I swallowed enemies, red circles started forming around Kirby's mouth. Then, when I used one of my powers on enemies, blood splattered everywhere! When I finished the level, I was taken to the *SPOILERS* zero 2 boss fight. but it was different. Kirby had a creepy smile with red eyes.*SPOILERS* When I defeated him, a picture of the creepy Kirby popped on screen. Words popped on screen saying, "run. he is coming for you." Then, the game crashed. I figured it was hacked and gave the game to Tom. Because I'm nice like that. Later, I found out that it was indeed Kyle. And so, that was the end.......... or was it?

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