Knife-eyed Jim

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This was written as an excercise to write the shittiest short story in order to get rid of writer's block. I apologize for the brainrot in advance.

There once was a man named Jim, who prided himself on his collection of hunting trophies. Jim was a lonely man. He lived in a cabin in the woods with his dog Pepper. He had a good and quiet life, and liked to unwind near the lakeside.

Until one day he was in the forest hunting a deer, God appeared to him and said.

"Jim! You no good wanker! You're hunting too many animals again."

And Jim got scared, he said "God? Is that you?"

And got responded "No, it's Tom! Who do you think it is you moron?"

Jim was so shocked by that event that he tripped and fell on his knife and died or whatever. But he didn't really die, mind you. No, he's now a zombie or whatever. And he hunts children for some reason. Even though he has no reason to have a beef with children. Guess that automatically comes with becoming a zombie. Oh well…

This post was brought to you be PETA

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