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There is a school girl named karen who has a crush on Jeff the killer and karen had lots of bullies and the bullies beat karen up and she got mad and killed the all in half of a second she then ran home and cut her mouth opened up because she wantsed to be like jeff because she had a crush on jeff the killer and the bullies fought her again and she beat them up and she faked getting hurt and got put in a mental hospital and was mad a her parents and did a backflip and then ran across the continent in a second and ran across the earth in a second and killed her parentes and all her bullies and then burned her eyelids like jeff the killer and then she saw the big bully teacher and then killed the bully teacher by cutting him in half and she saw a cop and she dodged the cops bullet because she is wayyyyy faster than a bullet then she went to the cop and killed the coop by doiing backlfips on him and he died and she ran faster than a car and faster than lightning and dodged lightning and she is really strong she can destroy a planet the end.

Credited to B00mBerangcutter

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