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My mommy's dead. I killed her. My name is Lazari, I'm eight years old, and I killed my mommy. She said I was a monster. She hated me. Now she's hanging from a tree.

I walked with my stuffed bunny through the cold and dark forest. I saw a tall man, and I wanted to be his friend. He had no facial expressions. and he was wearing a suit.

"Hello, I'm Lazari," I said as I lifted my hand for him to shake. He took my hand and lifted me up on his shoulders, which was a bit high. He was about eight to nine feet high. But I still giggled as I stayed on his shoulders. He took me away to some mansion that looked worn down and cracking. I like it though. He opened the door to see a guy that was gray and wearing a blue mask.

"Jack! Are you eating on my couch?!" the tall man said.

"Uh, no," he said while taking another bite of whatever was in his hands.

I took a deep breath through my nose. The smell of the thing in his hands was like rotting meat. My other side of me was coming out.

"Smells nice," my other side said before I jumped off of the mans back, flying towards the other man I was guessing was Jack. I grabbed his arms and took a deep bite out of him.

"Ow, shit!" Jack yelled.

I then realized what I was doing. My other side disapeared and I stared down at his now, injured arm. I saw a tear fall down my cheek. I jumped back to the tall man and cried.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to," I said. The tall man picked my up and I cried into his shoulder. He patted my back.

"Shh, its okay," he whispered.

"Oww...." Jack said while holding his arm," Slendy, where's the first aid?" 

"Hold on let me help you," the tall man, or should I say Slendy, said while setting me on the couch. He and Jack then began walking away. I heard them talking in the hallway.

"What was that?!" Jack whisper/screamed.

"Definitely not human," Slendy said quietly.

Darn, I probably already ruined my stay. I hope not.

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