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The Y-Pod 2 soared through space at a speed of 700 miles per picosecond. One day, the pod would complete her journey and record the entire distance from one end of the universe to the other. So far, a total of 700 000 secrometers has been recorded. There was still a long way to go.

Meanwhile, inside the pod, an "Ephrogasyus", Gwillyur, dragged his young apprentice, Dyuno, through the large corridor. Dyuno kicked and screamed at his master, raving and ranting.

"I DON'T WANT TO GO!" Dyuno yelled in "Ephroganese".

"I'm afraid you have to go. There's nothing you can change about that!" assured Gwillyur.

"I am not spending 100 years in a Learning Chamber!" Dyuno demanded.

Gwillyur slapped him on the back.

"Behave Dyuno! All Ephrogasyons have to go in the Learning Chamber! It's the only way you'll manage to get anywhere in life!" he said.

Dyuno frowned.

"But I'm already smart enough! I don't need no stupid old Learning Chamber!" he protested.

Gwillyur sighed.

"Of course you're smart, but this is just a simple process all of us have to go through. You'll be happy once it's over"

Dyuno spat at Gwillyur. Gwillyur smiled.

"Thanks for the meal" he said. Dyuno was ready to punch his master across the face. No worse. He was ready to tell everyone about the time his master banged that Gyolurmon chick right in the Aphrogus while vacationing in the T-6 Quadrant. He always had to obey his orders. This wasn't fair.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Gwillyur and Dyuno arrived at a room, with walls lined with Learning Chambers.

"Wow!" Dyuno exclaimed.

"You see! Being here isn't so bad, right?" asked Gwillyur.

Dyuno shrugged. They were soon greeted by an old Ephrogasyus.

"Are you Dyuno?" he asked.

Dyuno shook his head. His master sighed.

"Yes this is Dyuno" he said. Dyuno was turning red with rage.

"What's wrong little guy?" asked the Ephrogasyus.

"Oh you know. How they never want to go in their Learning Chambers" chuckled Gwillyur.

"Oh yeah. We had lots of those cases. Don't worry Dyuno. The Learning Chamber isn't so bad. You won't feel a thing" said the Ephrogasyus.

"But... what exactly happens in the Learning Chambers?" asked Dyuno nervously.

The Ephrogasyus smiled.

"Well, first you will be put to sleep. Then, you will be sent to an illusion world of your choosing, where information will be fed to you as you live your life there. Then, after an undetermined time, you will die in the illusional world and wake up. By then, hopefully you have been taught enough to survive in the real world, and will be let out of the Learning Chamber. Does that sound cool?" explained the Ephrogasyus.

Dyuno was still a little nervous, but he nodded.

"Yes it does!" he said. "I'm ready to go in the Learning Chamber!" he exclaimed.

"All right!" cheered the Ephrogasyus.

After Dyuno said goodbye to his master, he entered his own custom made Learning Chamber.

"Welcome to the Learning Chamber!" a voice announced. "To start your session, please sit down"

Dyuno looked around. There was nothing in the chamber except for a relatively small chair. Dyuno sat down. The room went dark and a big menu was shown before his eyes.

"Now please select the world you would like to enter" the voice announced again.

Dyuno browsed through the large selection of worlds for a while, before finally deciding which one he wanted.

"That one! I want that one!" he yelled excitedly!

"You have chosen "Earth". Your session will now begin."

And with that, Dyuno started his journey...

Credited to MoMo6

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