Legos Are Evil!

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As a kid, my favorite thing in the world was Legos. I always loved building with them. I made many things, like The White House, My House, My School, and many other things. When I entered High School, I still collected Legos. My friends laughed at me, but I usually kept it to myself, and they respected my opinion. One day however, my love for Legos just died.

I was cleaning my room while listening to Kill 'Em All, when all the sudden, I felt a sharp pain in my foot. I jumped up and screamed. I bit the pillow so it could muffle the scream. I looked down and saw a Lego brick. I began tearing up. "Why Lego Brick, WHY WOULD YOU HURT ME"? I screame as I took the Lego brick and threw it into the garbage. I went back into my room and saw all my Lego sets built together as one big demon.

I grabbed my wooden cross, holy water, and bible and began chanting. "Go Back To Hell From Once You Came"! After an hour of chanting, the Lego sets all fell apart. I spent a good 5 to 7 hours picking them up and throwing them out.

The Next Day, I told my friends about this, and they asked me if I had weed before bed. I told them No, and they surged it off. To this day, I believe Legos Are Evil! Whenever I see them I still remember that awful day. One time I burnt down a Toys R Us Because they were having a sale. I know, right? Those Legos are really really Evil!

The End?

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