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You know how you can find anything on the internet? Well I found some information on where one of the creators of Little Big Karting lives.

I wasn't sure if I should visit him or not, the web page I found was not that reliable. McAfee said it was full of spam. So I decided that I wouldn't take the chance. That night I kept tossing and turning thinking about how cool it would be if I went to his house. So the next morning I copied the address and went to his house.

When I got there I was shocked that it was only a really small house, for only one person perhaps. I thought I was tricked, but I went over there anyways. I knocked, but no one answered. So I tried to open it and, to my surprise, it was unlocked. I peeked inside and saw a ladder.

I went down there out of curiosity.There was a big room with doors all around. I looked at one of the doors and went towards it. Same thing: unlocked. Inside was a book, on a table with a couple chairs around. I was really curious what the book was about, so I took it and went home. That was the biggest mistake of my life.

I read it as soon as I got home. In it it said, "Ha, I tricked you." I was mad and made a complaint. I took my book with me and wrote it up. As I was about to submit it the book fell down. I jumped and yelled out a bit. It opened to a page and it had random numbers and letters. I looked through and found out it was a cheat code book. The front made it look like it was nothing. I was confused about the code. I decided to buy the game, so I went to my local Target and got Little Big Karting. I was lucky to get it because it was the last one there.

I put it in my PS3 and a code was required to play online. I decided to put the code in there. It started up the normal way it should. I went to story mode and one level looked really weird. It was all red and had no music. I was driving and went across a pit of lava. I was hit by a punching glove which came from no where and sent into the lava. I died and sunk into the lava. As my Sackboy was sinking into there I heard an evil laugh of a madman.

I then was sent back to the title screen and my Sackboy was no where to be seen. I pressed every button. Nothing happened until I pressed R3 and L3 at the same time. The Sackboy came back but with blood all over him. I pressed it again and the background turned hellish. I pressed it one more time and I heard the most deafening noise ever. I turned down the volume but it kept getting louder. I tried reading the book but it didn't help. All it said that you must not press L3 and R3 at the same time and don't press it 3 times. I was scared out of my mind not knowing what to do. I smashed my PS3 and it all stopped. I was relieved but what ever you do don't put that code in if you find it. It comes with a price if you do: Death.

Credited to Coolguy0024

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