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NOTE: Before we go any further, no, I didn't write this. I just happened to find it on Wattpad. Anyhoo, enjoy!

The Story

Chapter OneWho I am
-Lizzy's p.o.v.-

I woke up and sat up from the cold floor of my home, I live in a old Victorian house away from the outside world, but sadly it only had a mirror and dresser, I actually have two other dresses in it. I got off the floor and looked at myself in the mirror, I run my fingers through my short black hair, sighing to myself; I rubbed my face with my hands, I look back into the mirror and noticed my eyes are white, I needed to kill today; my blood lust is getting to me.

I grab my scythe putting it in it's slip on my back, I pat down my gothic black knee high dress and fix my gothic stockings and put on my black converses.

I ran out of the house and into the woods looking for my next victim, I climbed up a tall tree to get a better view; and seeing a park not that far away from where I am, I decided to head that way to check it out.

claiming back down the tree to meet the ground below, I head off running full speed towards the park. I got to the park and I hide behind a tree, I peek around to see some teenage boys smoking weed and drinking. Typical. 

I slowly walk out of the forest and accidentally fell onto my knees and started to cry, I could hear the boys in the distance talking.

hey look over there the first one said

"Is she Alright?" another one asked

" Guys. I'll see if she's okay" said the third.

I heard him approaching, slowly yet surely; he is getting closer and closer, he kneeled down to me putting a hand on my head.

"Hey you alright? " he asked.

I stop crying and I look into his sky blue eyes. he Looked shocked.

"Your.. Y-your eyes.... " he said.

"W-what about them? " I acted like I didn't know what he was talking about.

"They're... They're... " he stopped then continued what he was saying "they're white, no color not even your pupils are their..."

I began to giggle, he looked shocked again.

"You.. you're a monster! " he yelled falling onto his back.

"Aww that's not vary nice to call a young lady" I smiled big and grabbed my scythe from my back extending it longer.
(her scythe can be shorter so it's easier for her to put into her slip on her back)

"Death Be Upon Your Soul." I yelled at the top of my lungs putting my scythe into his head; I kept hitting his head with the scythe over and over again, it look like his head had exploded all over the place.

I soon realized I forgot about the other boys; I look up and their already dead. I didn't kill them, So who did.

-Slender Mans P.O.V-
(Before Lizzy killed the Drunkie)

I was walking around the forest before I came upon this park, I watched some drunk boys smoking what I'm guessing is weed and drinking some sort of alcohol, I was about to go join them and entertain myself; but then I saw movement in the corner of my eye, I glanced over where I happened to see movement and a girl that looked of the age eighteen to nineteen walked out of the forest slowly then fell onto her knees and began to cry.

Or so it seemed

she looked like she came from the victorian era. her hair short and black, from what I could see her eyes where white, just plan white, before she started crying I had gotten to see them.
One of the drunken boys said something to the other two, then one of them left to the girl.

he put his hand on her head and it was all muffled chitchat, the next thing I know I hear the boy yell.

"You... Your a monster"

I looked over to the other boys still drinking and smoking, Their to Drunk to even notice, I look back to the girl. she grabbed what looked to be a scythe and somehow she made it longer, she moved it back above her head and screamed "Death be upon your soul"

she started hitting his head with it, that when I look back over to the others. they noticed and started running, I moved in front of them and killed them with no hesitation. I looked back at the girl, she was still hitting his head with her scythe, I went back into the forest but still watched her.

-Lizzy's P.O.V-

I looked back at the bloody boys body, I made my scythe shorter and licked the blood off it till it was spotless. Someone killed those other guys, but who and why I asked myself.

I put the scythe back in its slip and wiped off the blood on my face with the back of my hand, Whomever killed those guys saw me and if they plan on trying to kill me next... it wouldn't work, these are times I'm glad to be immortal.

I walked back into the forest and saw an old friend of mine.

"Jack!" I yelled his name, he turned his head and saw me, he still looked the same black pants and hoodie and his blue mask with the black eyes crying thingy.

"Lizzy!" he yelled back, he ran up to me and we hugged, even though we're killer's, we are close friends and sometimes kill toghter.

"How are you, and you still in that old Victorian house? " he quickly ask.

"I'm fine and yes I still live there, you know me, hating to be to close to the rest of the world" I replied easily.

he laughed to himself shaking his head, I would guess he's smiling but he does have that dumb mask on.

"So what things going with you?" I asked, we both sat on a fallen tree.

"Well I live with about Eight other killers, everyone works for the owner of the place" he said.

"What's their names? if you don't mind me asking" I looked down at my hands and I began to play with them.

"No no no, I don't mind Lizzy. let's see... There's my boss slender, my companions Jeff Ben Sally LJ Hoodie Masky and Toby." he said,

"Is it fun, living with other killers I mean" I tilted my head slightly.

"Yeah it is actually, we get to do so muc-" someone yelled cutting his words off.

"EJ!!!" a boy came running up to us, I moved and hid behind Jack.

I'm not used to the idea of other killers and people around me yet, it did take me a few months to get used to jack even.

"What is it Ben?" Jack asked the boy that looked a lot like link from the legend of Zelda but his eyes where black and a red pupils.

"I wanted to know if you wanna go killing tonight with me" Ben said.

"Sure, I guess why not" jack said slightly nodding, Ben then noticed me behind Jack.

"Who's That EJ?"

Jack chuckled to himself and said "This Girl, is Lizzy"

"Oh Uh EJ... Remember what slender said about talking to humans." he said in a hushed voice.

"She's not human idiot. she's a killer like us" jack said with a slight annoying tone.

"Sorry.. Sorry.. " Ben said right after Jack said what he said.

I move away from hiding and just stood next to Jack, Jack turned to me.

"Well it was good seeing you again Lizzy, after all this time. I better get going now" jack said

I nod "Good seeing you too, Jack" we hugged and while we were hugging we hear Ben say "Get a room" I blushed.

After Jack let go, he walked up to Ben hitting the back of his head really hard, getting a 'Ouch' out of him.

I start walking back to my home and once I got there the place was on fire, I watched it burn in flames of red orange and yellow and fell onto my knees thinking, where I'm I going to live now?

Chapter 2

-slender man's p.o.v-

I didn't know EJ had a friend outside of the group an a female at that.

I kept following her an she fell onto her knees when she saw a house that was burning. Her home.

she yelled at the top of her lungs "Why does the world hate me"

I walked up to her an I put my hand on her shoulder, she flinched and grabbed her scythe and moved away in the speed of time.

"W-who are you" she said an held her scythe in a fighting position.

"I'm slender man, most call me slender or slendy. " I said calm, she put down her scythe.

"Slender. You know a boy named Jack?" she asked

"jack? EJ or LJ?" I asked back

"eyeless." she put her scythe back,

"yes I know him, he lives an works with me"

"what did you need? " she sat back onto the ground doing 'Criss cross'

"well ahem. I kinda followed you around today after I saw you at the park an killed that drun-" she cut me off

"Where you the one that killed the others" I nodded at her question.

"as I was saying. after you killed that drunk I followed you an you know EJ an met Ben, and I followed you here and... your house in on fire so.. would you like to live with my family an me" I said

"I don't know... " she rubbed her neck.

"you know EJ an you met Ben, so you should be able to handle it" I said

"I guess... " she said

I put my hand out for her to grab, she accepted it an sat up off the ground an standing.

I started walking an still held onto her hand, I thought this is the time to ask questions.

-Lizzy's p.o.v-

I noticed our hands where still together as we walked but oddly I didn't mind, it weird to I would of flinched when he helped me up.
Oddly weird,

"so what's your name" slender asked.

"lizzy" I replied.

"age? " he asked again

"old. " I said. he chuckled.

"same here"

"how about this ask all the questions at the same time an i'll answer them, it will be faster slender. " I said

"alright, let's see... Why are your eyes Violet instead of pure white like when you killed that drunkie, why do you live alone, why the Gothic and Victorian area look" he said/ask me

"my eyes go pure white when I'm in a blood lust state an violent when I'm fine, I had no one to live with there all dead plus I hate the outside world, I look like this because I'm from the Victorian area"

if he had a face he probably would of had a shocked one at that.

"your all the way from the Victorian area yet I haven't even heard of you? " he said,

"I was a under the radar killer. I'm shy when it came to other killers or not scared humans. " I said

he nods "here we are"

I look at the hou- no not a house a Mansion. a Gothic looking mansion.

I liked this place already.

Chapter 3

-lizzys p.o.v -

I woke up in a pink room. a vary vary pink room, I felt someone move next to me.

looking over to my side I see Sally still asleep, dang she's so adorable when she's asleep.

I was careful getting out of the bed trying not to wake her up by accident, I looked around the room a bit and noticed something black on the light pink dresser.

I got to the black cloth an notice a note on top of it, I grabbed it and read it in my head, Good morning Lizzy, I just remembered you lost your other clothes in the fire, here's something I got from a shop in creeps town, -slender

I put down the note an picked up the black cloth which truns out to be a Gothic like dress, it was long sleeved and went only a little bit above the knee, it had some color though, there was a violet ribbon around the torso an a bow on the back.

I noticed Sally was yet still asleep so I just got dressed there, you know the drill, taking off my last dress and putting it on the dresser an slipped on the other dress.

the ribbon matched my normal eye color perfectly an wonderfully, I fixed my black socks so there all the way up to the bottom of my knee, I kept my shoes off.

I looked back over to the bed to see Sally sitting Criss cross watching me,I'm sure I jumped about three feet in the air.

"Sally how long have you been sitting there" I was hoping she would say after I changed.

"when you changed dresses." she said so innocently.

"ugh... so you saw my back" I asked

she simply nods her head yes knowing she shouldn't ask about it but did anyways.

"liz" she gave me a simple nickname, that's so cute

"yes Sally?"

"what are those words on your back say? " she asked.

"they are evil an mean words that you should never say or call someone, words that are sinful to say, words that you should never be called. sally tell me if someone calls you one of them" I said, but then remembered she's just eight an might not listen to me like I hope.

"okay, I will liz" she got off the bed an walked up to me putting her arms out for me to take, I picked her up an we walked out of her room.

"breakfast time~ breakfast time~ pancakes~ eggs~ bacon~ milk~ or even orange juice~ its whatever Slendy Makes today~" Sally sang away in her own little world.
She's so adorable

i walked down the stairs and the air was filled with the smell of bacon an eggs, I walked into the kitchen where slender was making breakfast for everyone.

"morning" I said.

he turned his head to see me an Sally being held at my side, he chuckled an replying a good morning himself, Sally asked to be set down so she could hug slender.

She ran up to slender and hugged his tall slender legs of his, she mumbled to herself an you could slightly hear a few words like 'love' and 'slendy'

she let go an sat at the table which was in the kitchen an slender gave her plate of eggs an bacon.

"I see you found the dress" slender said.

I nodded my head yes, one of his black tentacles came out an took my hand and made me spin around.

"looks nice on you Lizzy, the ribbon even matches your eyes" he said this an I slightly blushed,

he chuckled to himself.

"hungry? " he asked,

I shock my head no an he nodded as reply, I noticed it was only us three in the kitchen, where's the others?

"Hey slender" I sat on the counter top.

"hmm?" was his simple reply.

"where's everyone else?" I asked an grabbed bacon an took a bite of it.

"Ben and EJ are playing video games in the living room, Jeff an LJ are out killing, Masky Toby an hoodie are still sleeping" he said,

I nodded, an finished the bacon I had.

"I thought you weren't hungry " slender said to me.

"I just wanted one" I laughed to myself.

I just remembered Jeff wanted to talk to me last night, I wonder what he wanted to say.

I walked into the living room an saw Ben an Jac- I mean EJ, there playing a game which I believe was called call of duty, Ben was sitting on the floor an EJ on the couch.

I walked in an sat next to EJ,

"Hey Lizzy" they both said in unison.

"hey, what ya playing? " I asked

Ben gave me a 'Are You stupid' look an EJ just laughed,

being from the Victorian area an being a inmortal killer who was in a broken down old house is probably why I know nothing about things like 'Xbox' or '3ds' an what not.

"it's called Call of duty" EJ finally spoke up.

"can I try?" I asked, Ben laughed but agreed, EJ let me use his controller an he showed me what how to use it.

"ready? " Ben asked,

I nodded a ok.

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