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When the Wrath of the Lamb DLC came out for The Binding of Isaac, there were rumors of a floor called the attic. Edmund McMillen claims that the attic was a name people made up for the cellar before they learned the level's real name, but he's really just trying to stop people from trying to find this lost level.

Through hacking, I was able to find the data for an unused level, and made that the spawn point instead of the basement.

When I started the game, there was no music, and the place seemed to be made of moldy, rotted wood. The floor was littered with dead enemies, some familiar, and some that I don't remember seeing in the regular game.

There was only one door leading out of the spawn room. It had the door of a boss room, but was completely unmarked on the map. I made the huge mistake of going inside.

In that room, there was only another child. He looked like Isaac, but with no eyes. Wait, what I described there was just a common enemy, let me try that again. There was a hanged body, no, wait, that would just be a shop keeper. There was a disemboweled baby who looked like me, no, wait, the game already has an enemy made of intestines.

Screw it, I can't think of any creepy things to put in this pasta that weren't already in the game. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make a pasta about an innocent game aimed at children, like Mario or Pokemon. All I have to do is throw in pointless violence and "hyper-realistic bloodtears," then rely on the audience's childhood memories of those games to make it creepy.

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