Lost over the Pacific

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Day 1: Lost

I was a U.S. navy helicopter pilot aboard the Aircraft carrier USS Independence in 80s. I mostly flew SH-3 Sea kings. Anyways, my day was going smoothly as was everyone else's. A few days ago two Tupolev Bombers and four MiG-23 fighter escorts were intercepted by our fighters near the coast of japan so we were on high alert. I just came back from a routine fight and was hopping out of my chopper when four F-14B Tomcat fighter jets caught my attention. They were part of fighter squadron VF-76 dubbed the King cobras and they were the only Tomcat squadron on the ship. They were about launch from the carrier so I walked very slowly. The first two launched with afterburner on(Tomcat pilots LOVE to showoff) while the other two took off normally. Anyways, a couple minutes later while I walking around in the lower deck I heard a big commotion coming from the dining halls so I decided to check it out. Apparently,based on what I heard, the same four F-14s I saw on the flight deck somehow went missing. Honestly, I was both shocked and confused when heard this information.

Day 1.5: speculation

When disaster strikes with no context,there always speculation. There was a bunch of theories I heard, but I'll only share one good theory and two very stupid ones. The first one suggests that the all four planes had a fuel leak which is possible but very rare. Another suggests that they were all shot down by Russian fighters. This theory might have worked except for the fact that there were no radar contacts. People then backed up the theory stating that its was top secret Russian stealth fighter, but lets be real here, the Russians with there cheap metal and outdated tech could never build a stealth fighter in the 80s(then again, the U.S. couldn't ether). There was also a theory about worm holes that was just plain dumb.

Day 2: Search and rescue

The next day had a very strange vibe to it. First off all, a search part consisting of two F/A-18A Hornet strike fighters and one S-3 Viking anti submarine plane set out to find the missing Tomcats. Now here's were things get weird. Apparently, Viking also went missing as well as one of the Hornets. The second Hornet miraculously came back,but it was heavy damaged. Everyone asked the pilot about what happened but it was same story. He was flying around until things went dark and he was being shot at from all over and then a minute later everything was normal, However he did wreckage of a plane not far from the ship.

Day 2.5: My Turn

It was my turn to face whatever's out there. I was tasked to located the wreckage that the Hornet pilot told us about and to be honest I was kinda scare.

Anyways A few minutes into the flight and I spotted some wreckage. I didnt know what it was but there were no survives so I headed back. Since then nothing like that has happened again....

because it was all a dream.

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