Luigi's Big Suicide

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One day I was digging through some old games then I found Luigi's Mansion and a GameCube with it.I immediatley hooked my GameCube up put the disk in and was ready to play it.But when the title screen showed up it just showed foreign language I selected the file but then a cutscene played. In the cutscene Luigi was sitting on the couch in the parlor then as Luigi pulled out a swiss army knife then the screen began to flicker then Luigi stuck the knife in his eye. There I was watching Luigi scream in pain.Then I finally got to play I took Luigi to the washroom when Luigi opened the door I saw Toad's hung body I examined his body then the screen turned to blood red static. I walked back to the foyer there was a large bloody knife hanging from the chandelier I saw a floating Toad then he hit the knife his head fell off his head the body was hanging from the knife and his head was on the ground with dark red blood squirting out.Then the screen faded to black.I reset the console then the title said" Your Dead".I went to the file select screen I went to file 1 then a textbox appeared saying You will die soon I was scared to see what will happen next.Luigi was lying dead torn apart with the poltergust beside him in the middle of the foyer his head laying by the hallway door his arms by the stairs his torso cut open with his organs under his torso his legs by the entrance door. A textbox said YOUR NEXT. I smashed the gamecube and burned it and sold Luigi's Mansion at a garage sale.

Credited to LuigiBoy444
Originally uploaded on November 2, 2013

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