Luigi’s Mansion: Hanging Shadow Glitch

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Luigi’s Hanging Shadow
“Game over” Screen

I really liked Mario games and I still do to this day, I had so much love for everything in the games, but the The Mario game I enjoyed the most was “Luigi’s Mansion” that game freaked me out at times, but it was very enjoyable to play and it’s really cool to hear about when I first saw the game.

I had most of the Mario games, and sometimes I would emulate the games on occasions, why did I do that? Well, I didn't really own Luigi's mansion and such, nor did I own a Gamecube. That's why I had to emulate them to play the games, however, there are some glitches in Luigi’s Mansion, but it was alright. I mean it's from 2001 so of course, there are going to be some flaws about it, but there's a certain glitch that made people go crazy about it and This is when my nightmares begin.

I was one of those people who experienced and I didn't like it. there's a part in the game where the blackout occurred and The people who made it this far will know what I'm talking about, right after that moment you enter a room with 3 telephones, this is known as the telephone room. You hear one of the phones ring but why would the phone ring when the power got cut out? The thing is, this is a Mario game and it's not realistic so don't expect things to match our reality. You the player, also known as Luigi picked up the phone, turns out it’s a fellow toad on the phone.

The lightning strikes and you see Luigi's shadow. It's off the ground and it looks like he's hanging from a noose. Something about the shadow looked very off and it didn't look like Luigi at all. Some people thought this was a piece of the beta of the game, since the beta was planned to be much scarier than the final game. Some people also thought the “hanging shadow” was related to that so-called “game over” with the creepy-looking Luigi with eyes that had no pupils, he probably had pupils but they were very hard to make out. There was a shadow casting around his eyes, he looked very weird looking as well and He was staring at the viewer with no emotion at all.

The Luigi on that screen did not look like the normal green plumber we knew and loved. I had countless sleepless nights and nightmares when I first heard of that creepy picture of Luigi. I had one nightmare where I was in that same telephone room in the dark mansion, I heard some footsteps coming toward the entrance where you first entered the room, and then the door opened up. It was Luigi from the creepy picture. I ran up towards me and then I woke up as fast as I could, I kept having more and more nightmares about that shadow glitch and the creepy image of Luigi staring at the viewer. The second nightmare I had was my shadow hanging from a noose in the same telephone room in my previous dreams and the eerie jingle heard in the video playing in the background. I woke up afterward and then I wanted to get to the bottom of this. I shortly found out about the glitch again and it was finally fixed in the remake on the Nintendo 3Ds.

I stopped having nightmares about it since I’ve matured a bit and I could sleep easily by knowing that nothing is going to hurt me. I'm currently done writing this down so I have to end it here. I still wonder to this day, why did Nintendo make the image and why did the jingle sound the way, it did? That question needs to be answered for me because I'm confused

Written by JosephTheSnail
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