One day Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were bored, so they went to the thrift shop. Ryan Lewis decided to buy a big ass coat, while Macklemore went to the good will, and popped some tags. Someone suspicious walked in, he was wearing a Gucci t-shirt. He greeted him by saying "What up I got a big cock." The man was very suprised. "Sorry I'm just pumped, I just bought some shit at the thrift shop." "Ok," said the man in Gucci. Macklemore decided to tell him: "Yo, that's $50 for a t-shirt." The suspicious man looked at his feet and said softly "Oh, he got the velcro." Macklemore responded "Bought them at the thrift shop, made them cool." "Ok." said the man in Gucci. Macklemore could tell this man was being swindled and pimped, sheeeit. So he said "Limited edition, let's do some simple addition, $50 for a t-shirt, that's some ignorant bich sheeeit." The man got angry. "Quit being like that, you can't tell me what do do." Macklemore responded with "Is that your grandma's coat?" The man in Gucci pulled a gun. "I'm gonna pop a cap in your ass, give me all your money in your pocket!" Macklemore game him $20. The man proceeded to shoot Macklemore. Ryan Lewis tackled the man in Gucci and knocked him out. "This is fucking awesome" he said. Then he looked at his dying friend. "You can't die! You hella woah!" he shouted. Macklemore responded by saying "Get me that big fur coat to bury me in." Ryan Lewis said "But it.. it smells like R.Kelly's sheets. Pisssssssssssssssss." Macklemore said his last words. "But shit, it was 99 cents!" and he took his last breath. You could faintly hear the sound of a little kid. "Goodwill! Popping tags!"

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